Freddie’s holiday Clothes – First holiday abroad…

We are going on holiday 3rd June and it will be our first holiday as a family so we are so excited. We are going with Tommy's parents, sister, her partner and their 16 month old Chester. We understand it's not going to be like any other holiday we have been on before, as you… Continue reading Freddie’s holiday Clothes – First holiday abroad…


Freddie’s development update – 9 months…ο»Ώ

This month Freddie has grown in strength and character, he is such an amazingly smily little boy with such determination. Teething - Freddie has 2 new teeth this month, they are his top middle teeth and they are half way through Eating - Freddie is still eating anything and almost everything (still doesn't like banana's).… Continue reading Freddie’s development update – 9 months…ο»Ώ