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I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and new year, if you are anything like me its pretty obvious you did by your expanding waist line lol!!

So at the beginning of December I was having a bad time with my skin and continuously breaking out in all kinds of weird areas that I have never really had spots before, for example my jaw line and my shoulders. It was at this point YourGoodSkin contacted me to see if I wanted to join their 28 day skin challenge, claiming that their products could improve the appearance of my skin in just 28 days. Did I accept…of course I did!!

A few days later I kindly received 4 YourGoodSkin products to trial for 28 days and give my opinion on social media. The products I received were

Oil-Lifting Make-Up Remover Wipes

Pore Minimizing Tonic

Balancing Skin Concentrate

Instant Dryness Rescue

I took a few pictures of my skin before I started the 28 day skin challenge, below.

Its is clear here my skin was dull and covered in blemishes and pigmentation.

Week 1 & 2

I found in week one that I was noticing more blemishes come up along my jaw and that my skin was getting quite oily. I was at the stage at the end of week 1, beginning of week 2 where I was not sure that I was going to continue to use the YourGoodSkin products. I know your skin takes a while to adapt to new products so stuck to it and continued using the products.


During week 2 the big blemishes were gone and the redness you are left with after a big spot was disappearing and I was ever so happy. I loveeeed the feeling of the products on my skin, they made my skin feel plump, silky soft and the smell was just gorgeous.


Week 3 & 4

At the start of week 3 it was like my skin had took a u-turn and was no longer oily but had lots of dry patches, however after using the ‘Instant dryness rescue’ for just 48hrs this subsided.


YourGoodSkin sent me another product to try out and add to my skincare routine during week 3 and that was Nourishing Hot Cloth Cleanser and this was a game changer for me. I thought I was in love with the moisturiser until I tried this cleanser. To be honest when I received the wipes I wasn’t much interested as I am not really a wipe person anymore (I used only wipes for years and since I have stopped using them and started using proper cleansing products my skin have been so much better), I really wished I had received a cleaner instead, so when this arrived I was extremely happy.

The nourishing hot cloth cleanser is a beautiful product. It is more of a moisturiser consistency than a foam or gel and I think that is was I love about this product because it is so gentle on your eyes. You simply wipe it over your eye and face make up and it removes it with only a few circular movements. The hot cloth then makes removing the cleanser satisfying and also quite exfoliating.

I think it was only around day 20 that I could see the real changes in my skin. I was still getting small blemishes, however the surrounding skin was so much clearer, my pores less insulting, my natural oils seemed to have sorted themselves out and my skin was literally the softest it had ever been.



  Before                                                                             After

I think my skin speaks for itself in this before and after collage. My skin in the after picture is so much brighter, clearer and even the dark circles under my eyes look less visible.

I love the YourGoodSkin products and will defiantly be recommending them to my family and friends. I love that the products are designed with busy woman in mind, that they contain natural products such as green tea and vitamin C and that they are available from boots without a high price tag.

If you have stuck around until the end thank you for reading and if you have any questions please leave a comment. If you want to know more about the YourGoodSkin products, the 28 day skin care challenge or the YourGoodSkin community you can check it all out here.

Its good to be back, much leverage Loz x

(The products that I received from YourGoodSkin were sent to me as a gift to try out in exchange of my opinion. I was not paid and everything that is written in this blog is my honest opinion)


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