Pumpkin Picking…

Last year I saw so many peoples pictures of Pumpkin picking but as Freddie was so little I decided I would wait until this year to take him. Its fun going to pick your pumpkins up from the local super market knowing that you are going to have a carving competition but I had never been to pick my own. I contacted our local farm in September to see when their pumpkins would be ready and I got an email back at the beginning of October to say we could go from Saturday 14th October. We were so excited we decided we would plan to go on the Sunday and take my 4 nieces, sister and her partner too.


We all got dressed up in our coats and cosy autumn clothing just to realise it was 22 degrees, to be honest it felt a bit weird as pumpkins make me think of cold frosty weather.


When we arrived it was clear to see that we were a little early and the pumpkins we not full ready to be picked, as they were a dark green colour and not orange. We decided we quite liked the green pumpkins and would just buy some orange ones from the supermarket as well. It was only a small pumpkin patch compared to what you you imagine, however I was aware of this, there is an amazing pumpkin patch in Bury St Edmunds called Undley Farm that is huge and has lots for kids to do but I thought I will wait until next year to take Freddie there when he will enjoy It a lot more.


Freddie and the girls really enjoyed picking their own pumpkins and so did us older ones. Its so nice to have a reason to get out side and breathe in the fresh air. I would defiantly recommend that you go to a PYO near you, ill be doing it every year from now on as part of a tradition and maybe we will be back in the summer for some delisious fruit.

Much Loveage Loz x


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