Silver Cross Pop – review

fileWhen we went on holiday in June we were aware that our Icandy pram was a bit too bulky and heavy to carry around with us and take on the plane, so we decided it was time to purchase an umbrella pram.

Tommy’s parents were so kind and generous and bought us and Tommy’s sister a Silvercross pop lightweight pushchair in the colour Jade. I must admit I didn’t know much about the pushchair before we received it so had a good play with it when it arrived.

I honestly don’t know what we done without this pushchair on holiday without this pushchair, it helped in every situation especially Freddies naps times and protecting him from the sun.

I don’t want to judge others parenting styles as I know some people prefer to take their children back to the room for their naps on holiday, however we just not like that. We go on holiday to relax and enjoy our time so to me going back to the hotel room for a few hours a day to just chill out is not my thing. That kicks off my number one reason for loving this product…

  1. The full lie-flat seat because Freddie could sleep on it for as long as he would in his coat at home.
  2. The fully extendable UPF 50+ hood for maximum sun protection because if were out in the sun or by the pool and Freddie needed some shade or a nap he was protected from the sun.
  3. The wide and comfy seat because it gives Freddie a lot of room to move around, unlike a lot of the umbrella type pushchairs.
  4. How light weight it is to carry around with you and on and off the aeroplane.
  5. The basket underneath for the many things that come with a child.
  6. How easy it is to push around.

I raved about this product a lot on holiday and I still do now. I will say there is one thing I would change about the pop model and that is the netted bit of the hood. I like the fact they are trying to get air to your child but the fact that when you extend the hood the sun shines straight in their eyes is not very convenient. I think if the vent had a velcro flap over it that would be more practicable.

Over all I would give this pushchair a 9 out of 10.

If you have any other questions about this product please leave me a comment below.

Much loveage Loz x

P.s this is not an ad and all opinions are my own.


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