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Children Centre – Day trip…


The day trips the Children Centre holds are fantastic…ok there a bit of a faff at the beginning getting all the baby seats and prams onto the coach, but once that part is over you just have to sit back and enjoy the day.

We went on a trip back in April to Banham zoo with my girls and their babies, it was such a good day out we decided to put our names down for the next trip which would be a trip to Hunstanton and the Sealife Centre.

Wednesday last week was the planned day and I was excited for Freddie because he had never been to a Sealife before and he loves the little tanks of fish at the garden centre let alone the big fish they have there.

We got up and made a packed lunch, got ourselves dressed and sorted and headed to Toms mums to Pick Hollie and Chester up. We were advised that the coach would be leaving at 9.30am but as before we arrived early to get a car parking space and sort the whole car seat situation.

It took just over an hour to reach our destination once we were all on the coach and to be honest although the coaches were very small it wasn’t all that bad. Freddie and Chester Slept all the way and myself and Hollie just spent the time nattering.

Arriving to the Sealife Centre was very quick and easy because a staff member met us at the doors, ticked our names off a list and stamped our hands so there was no queueing which was a bonus.

There were 6 of our girls with their 6 babies/toddlers in our group and everybody loved it. The fish seemed to be very well looked after, the tanks and centre looked very clean and the staff were fantastic, especially when taking group pictures with so many children in them.

It took just over an hour to look around the whole centre so we decided to head out for a walk along the beach and then sit on a patch of grass for a little catch up before heading back to the coach and meeting with everyone else on the trip.

We arrived back at the East City Children Centre just after 5pm after a lovely day.

There are so many children centres around that work really hard to make entertaining and educating your children easier, as well as supporting you along the way. If you are signed up to a children centre in your area make sure you check out all they have to offer and if you’re not, just google children centres in your area and get signed up now.

Much loveage Loz x




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