Freddie’s development update – 1 year old…

Ive got a one year old little boy, no matter how many times I say it over and over in my head it just doesn’t register. I can’t believe Freddie is one years old and it has been that long since I held him as his former 6.5lbs tiny self.

We had such a perfect day for Freddies party as you will see in my previous blog Freddie 1st Birthday… but following the big day a very exciting thing happen, Freddie reached an extremely impressive milestone. Freddie is now walking.

Freddie has always been quite advanced in his learning as you will know If you have read his previous development blogs, so when he started standing up and walking aided at around 8 months we thought he was going to excel in that too but he didn’t. We all knew Freddie was so strong and confident with his walking but he just wouldn’t let go of that one finger, until the weekend after his party (22nd July), he just decided to let go and since then we just cant stop him.

1 year baby update | Freddie starts to walk

Teething – Freddie has now got 7 teeth, 4 on top and 3 on bottom.

Eating – Freddie loved his puree’d vegetables when he was weaning but didn’t really take much fancy to them if they were whole in front of him on his try, however now he loves them. His favourite at the moment are peas and sweetcorn.

Milk – I still make Freddie a morning and bedtime bottle but he rarely finished them. When he is able to drink cows milk I will stop with the bottles and just offer milk in a cup with his meals.

Clothing – Freddie is still very much in his 9-12 clothes beause a lot of his new 12-18 month clothes drown him despite us being told he was tall for his age. He now wears a whopping size 5 shoe, well he would do if he kept his shoes on.

Speaking – Freddie is saying all sorts now, we hear a new word each day. Today his new words were wet and water. I am so proud of how far his speak and communicating has come in the last few weeks. When we leave the house Freddie is straight on it, car, bird, plane, making all his animal noises, it is a pleasure to watch.

Hair – Freddies hair has finally had a little growth spirt and thickened up quite a bit.

Sleeping – Freddie has started waking up a little earlier, around 6,30 but I just put it down to the light mornings.

Attitude – I feel with knowledge and more independence you get frustration and tempers. Freddie has started chucking himself on the floor and banging his head against the floor (no purposely but with the drop of his body) when he can’t get his own way, can’t figure something out, his yogurt has “gor gone”. This is the one thing I will be trying my hardest to get Freddie out of doing.

Dummy – We have stopped with the dummy during the day now and only use it for bedtime.

Although I am sad that a whole year has passed in what feels like weeks, I am so happy and proud of my little human, he never stops making me laugh, impressing me and returning the love that I give to him. The last year really has been the best year of my life.

How have you found your babies turning one? Are they walking yet or have been for a while? Let me know what month you enjoyed the most.

Much loveage Loz x


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