Retail Therapy…


I feel like my interest and love for make up has come about 10 years too late…ok so that is not entirely true if I think back to when I was younger I loved make up. I won’t go to the length of saying I was good at picking or applying it because I wore blue mascara and white eyeliner so that would be a complete lie, but I done beauty in collage and my interest grew from there. Im not really sure where I lost my mojo because when I look back at pictures of me at 21/22 years of age I still wore a lot of make up. I think I got to the stage in my life where I was a bit confused about who I was, what I wanted to gain from my look and how I was perceived by others. I slowly began wearing less and less make up and although I do the basics on a night out (or more afternoon down the pub these days) I can defiantly be caught wearing no make up at all on a day to day basis.

So going back to the reason for this blog post is that I have some new pretty make up. I went shopping at the weekend and actually purchased some new products after my friend Sophie (from ourforeverlp blog) done my make up last week. I wanted to share the products with you as I think they are good choices for either if you are just finding your feet in the world full of make up, but also for those with a great collection.

When I walk in to MAC I always feel like a kid in a candy store, but a kid who has no idea what their favourite sweets are, so this time to have an idea of what I wanted was quite a relief.

The first product on my list was a new mascara, I had been using a no7 one that must had seen its best day over 6 months ago as it was completely dried up and I still looked like I had piss holes in the snow for eyes despite applying a few layers.

In Extreme Dimension Lash (Black)

This is the mascara i brought and found it is amazingggg. Mascara is one of the products I have actually tried many different types and brands of, but this one is perfect for my lashes. It manages to help lift and lengthen my lashes with just one application.

Now I’m not a massive user off foundation as Ive previously mentioned in a blog of mine, but after feeling the Mac studio fix powder foundation on my skin I was sold. I didn’t manage to make my skin feel like it couldn’t breathe, neither did it stick to my dry patched. This powder foundation did a very good job of magnifying the oily parts ofd may skin and covering the dry bits.

Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation (NC30)

I got one more product for my skin and that was the Bronzing powder. I have always been one of those girls that not too keen on the high shine, glittery bronzers and have been on the look out for a new matte bronzer since my Benefit Hoola ran out.

Bronzing Powder (Matte Bronze)

I chose this bronzer because it was a very subtle, natural colour that added a lovely warming to the skin rather than a bronzer you can so easily over do it with just one heavy handed application.

The last thing I picked up was a new lipstick. Now lipstick is something I have recently fell in love with and that is due to the amount of new matte colours that have been released in the last few years. Im quite fussy with my lip colours and again don’t like to wear any thing to shiny or glittery. I wear the MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick very often and decided I needed a new favourite. The lipstick I chose was Mehr, because I loved the pinky, nude colour as its not too ‘in your face’ but still brightens up your look.

Mac Lipstick (Mehr)

Mac Matte Lipstick (Stone)

When I went to the till to pay for my new purchases the lady offered me a free lipstick that was part of an offer they had on that day, so I also got Stone which I’m not sure is the best colour for me however I wore it very lightly yesterday and liked it so perhaps it will grow on me.
All in all I am very happy with my purchases from MAC and can confirm getting some new products has very slightly sparked my old interest, so watch this space. If any of you have any products you have used for years and couldn’t not use I would love yo hear about them.

Much loveage Loz x


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