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Freddie 1st Birthday…

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve been over and said hello, it’s because we have been busy packing, moving and renovating which has taken up all our time. We still have no internet but it should be installed on Wednesday, fingers crossed.
Freddie tuned 1 years old 8th July, so already a month ago tomorrow. We had such a lovely day and then again the weekend after for his party.

Freddie obviously had no idea it was his birthday as he didn’t wake any earlier than his normal 6.30-7am, I’m pretty such that won’t happen for many more years. As soon as he woke we took him into the lounge where he opened all his cards while we had a strong coffee.

Once coffee was consumed and cards were open and been read we headed through to the master room (what will be our room but is currently full of boxes) where I had set all his presents out the night before.

Freddie was so confused when he walked through and saw all his presents, he defiantly had a face full of shock and excitement.

Once presents were opened and toys had taken over our house we got ourselves ready and headed to Tommy’s parents for a fry up breakfast.

Tommy’s sister Hollie was at we best friends wedding so we had Chester for the day and night which was lovely for Freddie on his birthday.

Once our bellies were full we set off to Africa Alive for the day. The boys had so much fun and actually so did myself and Tommy.

On our way back from the zoo myself and tommy decided we would stop off at the pub for something to eat. We called my siblings too to see if they wanted to join us which they did so was as very nice evening.

The day was perfect and I’m so glad Freddie enjoyed it all as much as he did.

The weekend after Freddie’s birthday we planned a BBQ for all our family and friends.

P.S I was so excited about Freddie’s birthday cake as it was a dairy free caterpillar and Freddie had never tried cake before, I literally dance around Tesco.

So that’s it…my baby boy is 1 years old!! Time really does surprise me at how is just gets away from us, the main reason to enjoy everyday as if it were our last.

Much loveage Loz x

Freddie’s birthday outfits were both from Next and mine was from H&M


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