Freddie’s development update – 10 months…

Where has the month gone 🙈 it has flown by so fast. Freddie is almost on the move and is understanding more and more. We have had a very busy month with lots of fun things to do, taking Freddie out is so much more rewarding now as you know he is really enjoying himself.

Teething – Freddie’s two top teeth are almost completely through now, however I can’t see any new ones.

Eating – Freddie is loving his food as always, he is a little piggy.

Milk – Freddie is still having his morning and night bottles of 8oz and then 3oz in his porridge.

New favourite foods – couscous, chicken and as with every month his fruit purée

Clothes – We are still hanging on to 6-9 month clothes at the moment with a few new 9-12 months bits. I’m so excited for the weather to get warmer and he can wear all his new clothes (check out my latest video to see what bits we have bought)

Movement – We are so close to being on the move now. Freddie often stands by himself and is getting so much more confidence with us just holding him with one hand. Unfortunately I don’t think he will be walking before holiday though 😦 hot knees it is.

Freddie is waving to everyone now, playing peekaboo with us and is now pointing at things that he wants.

Hair – My twin sister cut Freddie’s little curls that hung over his ears the other day and he looks a lot smarter and even a little older. He is starting to look like a proper little boy.

Allergy – Next hospital appointment is in July. His eczema flared up a bit this month so we went to the doctors and we’re prescribed a stronger cream for a weeks use.

Words – we haven’t had many new words this months, however he is using the words he does say correctly now like he really understands what he is saying.

  • Duck
  • Dog
  • Dandad (grandad)

Sleeping – Freddie’s sleep is still amazing but I don’t like to talk about it too much in case we jinx it

Attitude – We have had a few little tantrums this month, mainly when we want to change Freddie’s bum but he wants to crawl.

New favourite things – Freddie loves to play with anything that isn’t a toy at the moment! His favourite is the hair dryer and Hoover.

We have started planning Freddie’s birthday party this month which is crazy and super scary but I just hope it’s a lovely day with our friends and family, making lots of memories.

I hope you have all had a lovely week, let us know what you have got up to or if your baby has reached any milestones this month

Much loveage Loz x


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