My first Mother’s Day…

Mother’s Day was very special this year, even more so than normal and that is because it was my first Mother’s Day as a mummy myself.

Tommy had football this morning so we had to be up and sorted quite early, with the clocks going forward the night before Freddie didn’t get up until 7.15am. When I gave Freddie his breakfast he presented me with some lovely little presents and a card which made my day.

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Freddie and I went with daddy to football so we could watch him play but unfortinity they lost and daddy was in a bad mood afterwards.

In the afternoon we drove to the coast and met up with my brother, his girlfriend and Harrison as well as Toms sister, her boyfriend and Chester so was really nice. We all had a little walk, a play on the arcades and eat chips and doughnuts 😍

On the way back from Yarmouth we stopped in at the pub to meet up with Tommy’s parents, my mum and sis to give out presents.

We were home by 7pm to put Freddie to bed and then chilled out on the sofa eating my chocolates.

I feel very lucky everyday for my little munchkin, but having a day to celebrate it made me feel even more so.

I hope you all had the perfect Mother’s Day spending it with your loved ones

Much loveage Loz x


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