Freddie’s routine – 8 months old…

I feel like Freddie has been such a good baby compared to the stories I have heard, it was a tough 9 weeks at the beginning before we found out about his allergy but since then he has been a pleasure to bring up.

We got Freddie in a routine at about 10 weeks, but as he has got older the routines have changed slightly. 

I feel that Freddie probably still sleeps a bit too much during the day, but as it is not affecting his sleep at night I am not too worried.

So our routine goes like this…

6:30pm – wake up

7:00am – bottle (8oz)

8:30am – breakfast (porridge with 3oz of milk)

9:00am – nap time (around 60-90mins)

10:30am – snack (fruit/bread sticks/veg crisps)

12:00pm – lunch time (anything I cook or if out large jar of food then fruit)

2:30pm – milk 6oz (in sippy cup)

4:30pm – tea time (anything I cook then dairy free yogurt)

5:30pm – daddy time 

6:30pm – bath

7:00pm – bottle 

7:15pm – bed time

At the moment this is working really well for us but I am keen to soon cut down the day time napping so if you have any tips please comment

Much loveage Loz x


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