Freddie’s development update – 8 months…

I am so proud of how far Freddie has come in the last month, he really is on the move now and there is no stopping him.

Teeth – 2 (bottom middle) defiantly teehing currently so I’m sure we will see new pegs soon

Eating – 3 x 3 course meals a day! Eats everything but banana’s and obviously foods that contain cows milk.

Favourite food – Porridge, vegetable crisps and fruit purée (loves sucking them from the sachet).

Milk – 8oz at 7am, 6oz at 2.30pm and 8oz at 7pm.

Clothes size – 6-9months 

Movement – Freddie is now crawling with great speed, clinging on to everything and climbing steps (so glad we don’t have stairs) 

Hair – still not a lot of improvement in that department 

Allergy – under control but told not to attempt any baked milk until 10-12 months

Words – dadda, mummy, heya, cat

Sleeping – still sleeps almost 12 hours at night and still having 3 naps during the day. 1h at 8.30am, 45mins at 12.30pm and 1hr at 3.00pm. 

Attitude – Freddie is always smiling and is such a happy boy, only really moans when he’s overdue his food or teething. Started to get a little stroppy when you take something off him that he can’t have. Loves interacting with other kids.

New favourite things to do – play with balloons, chase the cats, eat, go to the park and roll around in paint at messy play.

I have really enjoyed this month of Freddie’s life I am sad as my baby is so grown up but it’s so exciting to see the new things he learns each day and can interact with him more. I am absolutely privileged to be his mummy and love every minute I spend with him. I am going back to work 2 days a week next month and scared for the things I will miss out on 🙈 

When did your babies start crawling, I feel it’s too early aha! 

Much loveage Loz x


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