Weekly blog – 2017 week 7…

Sunday 12th Feb – We woke up to snow this morning which was beautiful but cold 

Melted a bit by the time I got out to take a picture 

We had cheese omelettes for breakfast then got ourselves ready for swimming. We met up with my brother, his girlfriend Ellie and my nephew Harrison at the local pool, it was only Harrison’s second time but he done really well and didn’t cry when we dunked him. 

After swimming we all went to my mums as she cooked us all Sunday lunch which was delicious. 

Monday 13th Feb – I looked after Harper until around 1:00pm and Freddie was trying to teach her how to clap.

I wanted to get some bits from hobbie craft to make a Valentines card for Tommy and get him a little present so popped to Riverside, Norwich from my sisters. 

When we got home Freddie had a nap and I made my card, which I think turned out quite nice. 

When Freddie woke from his nap he had some floor play time to try and perfect his little frog Lep.

I was greeted with Flowers and my favourite chocolates from Tommy when he got in from work which was so sweet. Tommy knows he has not one ounce of romance in him and he is strongly agains flowers on all occasions so it was a shock when he walked through the front door 😍 

Tommy got one of these co-op £5 deals at the weekend and this one included chips, Lasagna and garlic bread so I done that for tea, it was  actually pretty good! 

Tuesday 14th Feb – Valentine’s Day ❤️ 

My friend Fiona popped round in the morning between her clients to have a quick cuppa and catch up with myself and Freddie. 

I spent the rest of the morning cleaning the house then sat down and watched the film Valentine’s Day with Freddie while painting my nails red 😉 

My mum came round 6:00pm to watch Freddie while myself and Tommy went to watch the Norwich game. 

It just so happened to be my time of the month so no luck for me this valentines 

Wednesday 15th Feb – I woke up this morning and was shocked to see that my Instagram account had been deleted and with no warning or understanding, so annoying!! 

I tidied the house along with entertaining Freddie in the morning then we went round Tommy’s auntie Rhianna have a cuppa with her, auntie hol and Chester. 

Thursday 16th Feb – I looked after Harper in the morning, I think she was putting Freddie in his place as she was smacking him and sitting on him! 

Once My sister was home to look after Harper I took Freddie to be weighed as It had been far too long since we last had him weighed, he weighed 19.15.

Friday 17th Feb – I went shopping with Tony’s sister for my nieces 6th birthday present in the morning, when we had everything we wanted we went to the park to put Freddie on a swing for the 1st time but he fell asleep and I literally could wake him. 

This was Tommy’s walker when he was little and Freddie walked with it for the 1st time today

When Tommy got home from work we get ourselves showered and ready and walked to a local pub called “The Cherry Tree” for a couple drinks and tea. I had a couple starters instead of a main.

Such a piggy

Saturday 18th Feb – Tommy worked with his dad in the morning so I got a few boring chores done and gave Freddie his breakfast. Myself and Freddie then walked to Toms parents to chill round there with his nephew, sister and mum. 

I walked home so that I could get Freddie fed, bathed and then myself ready for the night. Once Tommy got home he got ready then down a couple trips to pick him mum, dad, Hollie, Vern and Chester up and we all walked to Tommy’s aunties down the road for a few drinks for her daughters birthday. We had a really lovely night as always with Tommy’s family. 

I hope you all had a lovely week and fabulous weekend.

Much loveage Loz x


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