Going back to work…

I’ve had this niggling voice in the back of my mind for the last 6 months and that is how am I going to return to work? Will I have to get an evening job, do night shifts somewhere, try build up my gel nail clientele or sell my body…ok obviously not the last was one but I really was stressing about it.

When you fall pregnant you think woooooohhh 1 year off work and for me that’s all I really thought! Myself and Tommy stupidly didn’t really plan what we would do after the baby actually got here.

A few weeks ago Tommy and I sat down and agreed I needed to bring in at least what I was earning on maternity for us to carry on as we have been. Also that I needed to return to work after 9 months and not a year. I felt so much pressure and in some ways annoyed beacuse for Daddy (on most occasions) life doesn’t really change too much, ok so you have a child who you love dearly but you still do the things you want to do, you go out when you want to, have a shower when you want a shower, shit when you need a shit and go to work as you did before but for us mums every second of our day changes. 

I understood I needed to bring in some money but it just frustrated beacuse my options were all shit and frankly not worth leaving my son for.

  1. Go back to my work full time and send Freddie to nursery/Child care which after paying for I’d be left with only a quarter of my monthly income.
  2. Evening/night work, first I would have to actually find a job and also working nights I would probably be far to tired to actually look after my child.
  3. Weekend work, again I’d need to find a job that would just take me on for weekends but then we would have no family time as Freddie is almost in bed when Tommy gets home from work in the week and I’d be gone at weekends. Tom also plays football at the weeks so it would just mean someone else having him most of Saturday and Sunday.

Every option I looked at seemed impossible and I really do wonder how people work it out when they don’t have family to help out.

We are incredibly lucky and last week Tommy’s mum agreed to having Freddie 2 days a week as she does with Tommy’s nephew, so that I can return to work 2 days a week. I can not tell you how relieved I was and how much weight was lifted from my shoulders the day Tommy confirmed this.

It’s such an amazing time in your lives when you have a child but there are so many stresses that come with it (never out weigh the blessing though) I think there should be more jobs that allow mums to work around their children and their lifestyle, maybe there are but perhaps there should be a website where mums can find flexible, part time or full time jobs in their area. 

I hope none of you feel as stressed as I did about this topic and that you have family to help out. 

I will be returning to work April 4th and I am dreading it! I am looking forward to the slight routine back in my life and the adult conversation but I haven’t left Freddie for 8 hours yet and that’s the part I think I’m going to hate! I know Freddie is more than safe with his nanny but i just can’t image not being there with him. I spose it’s just life and something that will just take a little time to get used to. 

Have you had to return to work? If so how did you feel on your first day? 

Much loveage Loz x


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