Freddie’s development – 7 months…

I will say this each and every month because it doesn’t stop surprising me how quick time is going but I can’t believe Freddie is already 7 months old. He is such a clever and strong boy, he makes me so proud to be his mummy everyday.

Ok so one of the big milestones is so close to being achieved this month and that is crawling. Freddie is shuffling along occasionally lifting a knee but most of all pulling himself along and doing a few frog jumps to get to where he wants to be. At 6 months Freddie had just started getting up on to all fours so within this month he has done really well. I’ll give it two weeks before he’s crawling, which I’m not sure if I’m happy about or not at the moment 🙈


Freddie has also said his first word this month which is of cause…dadda. He also says something we think sounds like “hiya” but not mummy yet.

Other small developments this month are

  • Drinking through a straw
  • Holding and drinking from his bottle
  • Standing up with the aid of a sofa or cabinet
  • Sitting up in the bath
  • Drinking fruit purée from a sachet
  • Walking with his walker (with my hands on his)
  • Getting hold of everything and getting everywhere
  • Moaning when you take away my phone or control
  • Pulling the cats tails

This month I feel he is defiantly growing into more of a little human and not a baby, it is so amazing watching the new things he learns each day.

Freddie is not eating as much as he was by 6 months I’m not sure why but he just doesn’t seem to have as big of an appetite, however he is still eating his 3 meals a day, trying many new flavours and having his 4 small bottles of milk so I’m not concerned.

We now have two strong pegs on the bottom of Freddie’s mouth and his top gums are also getting very hard.

I haven’t had Freddie weighted in quite a while but managed to go get him weighted today and he is 19.15lbs. He is now fitting into his 6-9 month clothes very nicely and out grown most of his 3-6 months clothes with a few exception.

Freddie is such a happy, smily little boy and he brings me so much joy every hour of everyday.

Until next month

Much loveage Loz x


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