Weekly blog – 2017 week 5…

Sunday 29th Jan – Tommy had footy so he was up and out the house by 9:30am, followed by myself and Freddie at 10:15am as we went to watch the match. A couple of the girls were up the park watching the boys too so was nice to have a little catch up, however was very cold. Our team won so the boys were in a very good mood meaning they wanted to go for a drink, therefore we all walked down to the local pub for what ended up being a afternoon there.

When we got home from the pub i made some tea for myself and Tom and then he fell straight to sleep so i watched a bit of telly then went off to bed myself.

Monday 30th Jan – My brother in-law was off work Monday, therefore i didn’t have to look after Harper which worked out well as a lady wanted to come view our bungalow at 11:00am.

I cleaned the house before the viewing and once the lady left i went to see my old work friend Stacey (from The Wildflower Blog) and meet her little girl Indi. Indi is so beautiful and Stacey is doing just great as a new mummy ❤

When i got home from my friends i put Freddie down for a short nap while i had a quick HOT coffee and sit down. Freddie only went down for half hour so he then had a bottle and we had some floor playtime before his dinner.

When Tom got home i made tea and then bathed Freddie ready for bed, once he was all tucked up in bed myself and Tommy sat down to watch a film. The film was called ‘The Challenger’ with Michael Clarke Duncan in it and i absolutely loved it and would defiantly recommend it, i think its touching that they still released the film after Michael’s death as he was working on the film just before he passed so i’m sure that is what he would have wanted.

Image result

Tuesday 31st Jan – Tuesday morning was like most morning, up at 7:00am for bottle, breakfast at 8:30am then floor play till nap-time at 9:00am.

I recorded this weeks video while Freddie was napping , which was discussing our weaning journey.

When Freddie work from his nap we went to Aldi to do our weekly shop as i only needed to grab a few bits this week.

While we were out we got one of those annoying red slips from the post office to I popped to the post office dept to collect it and it was closed 😦 they have changed their hours!!

We had a really naught tea because I wanted to use some bits up in the fridge before they went off and it was so yummy.

Freddie sat up in the bath for the first time tonight.

Wednesday 1st Feb – I looked after Harper until around 12:30pm, today it drove me crazy as both Freddie and Harper both just grunted the whole 3 hrs 30 mins lol!

I went round a friends for a coffee on my way home and had a really nice catch up, while we were there Freddie faced a fear of his a little by stroking a doggy.

When we got home Freddie went down for a nap and I tidied the house and cooked tea as Tommy has to eat early on a Wednesday due to football training.

I brushed Freddie’s 2 little pegs for the 1st time tonight

I had a really exciting evening of doing washing and other chores while Tommy was at footy.

You can’t beat a bowl (or glass) of angel delight as a quick desert!

Thursday 2nd Feb – We looked after Harper u till 12:30pm then went to me Bam for a coffee on her lunch break. We have started meeting in the Asda near hour work as it’s only £1 for a cuppa…can’t beat that.

Myself and Freddie had an afternoon of playing and tidying before daddy got home. Tommy had cuddles with Fred while I made tea of Chicken, veg and sweet potato fries, I made a little bowl for Freddie tonight too.

Me and Tommy eat far too much crap in front of the telly tonight 🙈 first 2 French fancies each, then a bar of galaxy cookie and cream between us and thennnn some popcorn! Opps aha!

Friday 3rd Feb – Freddie woke up with a lovely bed head look hehe.

We had no plans for the day so spent the morning doing some washing and playing with Freddie’s toys.

tidied, looked at new houses on rightmove, blog writing while Freddie had nap,

Saturday 4th Feb – Tommy agreed to play football for wymondome this weekend to make up players but before he went we went to an open house at 10:00am and had another drive round to look at some more houses. 

Myself and Freddie went to Yarmouth with my brother Mark, Ellie and Harrison for the afternoon.

Mark and I honest nearly weed putting these slings on, we had no idea 😂 

We went to the market and got some chips then had a coffee in Costa while feeding the boys 

Then on to the seaside for a little walk, arcades fun and donuts 🐷

On the drive home my Mark said he fancied a bevey so we planned for myself, Tom and Freddie to go over for the evening. We had such a lovely evening eating, drinking and making crazy snapchat videos. Harrison is still in his crib which is handy as Freddie slept in his cot.


We had a lovely week, however now everyone seems to be coming down with a bug so fingers crossed it misses us and all of you too.

Much loveage Loz x


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