Weekly blog - 2017 week 6…

Sorry it’s late but we’ve been ill, my phone and laptop decided to break witchin 2 days of each other and then my Instagram account got disabled for a reason unknow to myself 😦 

Sunday 5th Feb – We had our friends little boy Jaxons 1st birthday party to go to at 9:30am so was a bit of a rushed morning. Tommy and the boys had footy so myself and the girls took the kids to the party then the lads met up with us about 1:30pm.
The party was really fun for the kids, Freddie went on a bouncy castle for the 1st time, although was not too sure at first but then seemed to find it really funny.

He loved the ball pit but kept sliding down in all the balls

The party finished at 12 so we all made our way to the castle carvery over the road to wait for the dads to finish football.

We met the lads at the pub and spent the afternoon all together it was really lovely.

Freddie was very tired after the morning of party fun

Monday 6th Feb – Monday was a really quiet day for myself and Freddie we had no plans and so chilled at homes, had lots of play time, went for a walk to pick up the car, i done some washing and the we done some reading.

Tom got home and was really tired so we just had tea, i mad chicken pasta as an easy tea then we just relaxed on the sofa and all had cuddles before giving Freddie a bath, his bottle and bed.

Tom and i started watching a box set on sky called Level and even when Tommy has feel asleep i couldn’t stop watching it, it was so gripping that i watched 3 episodes in a row before going to bed.

Tuesday 7th Feb – I woke up with a cold and didn’t feel like doing much so Freddie and I had a lazy morning around the house, playing games and not much else if I’m honest. 

After lunch we popped to Aldi and done the food shop, then went home and made some chocolate shredded wheat cakes.

Chocolate always makes you feel better! 

When Tommy got home he took Freddie while I had a nice hot bath and started a new book. Once I had put Freddie to bed myself and Tommy had a cuddle n lots of naught nibbles on the sofa.

I couldn’t put this book down and read it and the other 2 in the sequel within a week (bearing in mind I’ve only read around 8 books cover to cover in my lifetime).

Wednesday 8th Feb – We were up and out the house by 8:00am to look after my niece Harper.

But then back home to play and relax as I was still bunged up and not feeling well. 

Tommy took Freddie when he got home from work to give me a little bit of a break, but they both ended up fast asleep on the sofa.

Thursday 9th Feb – My cold was gone but I woke in the night with a bad stomach and being sick, i finally got the bug that was working its way around. This was the first time I was properly ill since having Freddie and it was hard work! When you work if your really ill and feel bad you have a day off but as a mum you just can’t, all I wanted to do was curl up in my bed and sleep. Freddie was a good boy for mummy and just played most of the day and we had some lovely cuddles too.

Tommy went round his parents for tea and took Freddie with him so I could have an hour to myself to have a bath and chill out. 
Friday 10th Feb – I felt much better Friday morning but still ached a lot from being sick so we had a slow morning of playing, reading and eating. After lunch I had to clean the house as I had family round for food, drinks and games

My Dad and step mum came over with a homemade chilli, then my brother, sister and their partners came over too. We had a lovely evening, too much to eat, a few drinks, hilarious games and lots of reminiscing. 

Saturday 11th Feb – We had a quite morning, cooked some breakfast and just spent some time playing with Freddie and his toys. As Freddie has been getting up on all fours since the end of January I have been making sure I give him lots of floor play time.

At lunch time we dropped Freddie off at Toms mums and picked his dad up as we were off to watch the Norwich game. It is the first time I have left Freddie in the day time and it felt so strange, I actually felt really insecure. I think I’ve got so used to Freddie being the centre of attention as such that I think I felt abit lost without him with me :/ 

Tom and I had a lovely afternoon and Norwich won 5-1 so we were defiantly feeling good after the game. We picked Freddie up about 6:00pm and went home to get him to bed. I think Tommy was asleep by 7:00pm and I was reading my book, how things have change on a Saturday night.

I hope you have all had a fab week and apologies again 💋

Much loveage Loz x


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