LVL lashes - review…


No make-up at all but still lush long lashes 💕

In the summer i had volume lashes put on after my lashes became very thin during pregnancy and I loved them so much, however could see that my lashes underneath were getting worse so I had them taken off leaving me with very short, gappy lashes. 

When my twin sister Bam said she was going on a Nouveau LVL lash course i was so excited for her because 1, it is such a new upcoming treatment that she will do really well with it and 2, because I can have mine done for cheap 😬 

Bam went to London and done a day course Saturday before last and came round mine last Wednesday once her kit arrived to do my eyelashes. The treatment is a lot more comfortable than you would expect and unlike having false lashes you only have your eyes shut for around 40minutes. 

I was absolutely blown away by the results and still nearly 2 weeks later am in love with this treatment. I am aware my eyelashes were in a bad state so believe they will also get better in time, I can’t wait to see the changes in the next couple of months

With mascara a few days later

I will be completely honest and say that the tint does not last very long, however I wouldn’t expect it to as it never does (I did a beauty therapy NVQ at collage when I left school) 

I would highly recommend that if you are thinking about having this treatment just go do it you will not regret it, also if you have tried false eyelashes in the past but not got on with them then give these a try.

My eyelashes are still so long and curled I will 100% continue to have his done especially for my holiday

Much loveage Loz x


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