Reviewing the products I got for Christmas…

In my What I got for Christmas… blog i included some products i got for Christmas and after using the products for 2-3 weeks, i decided i would give you a little bit of a review of how i found them and if i would buy them again.

Clarins Cleansing Essentials gift set – I haven’t used the cleanser of this gift set yet as I have still been using my clinique one, however I have used the toner and makeup remover.


The eye makeup remover is lush, it love it. It feels so soft while removing even waterproof mascara, there is no rubbing or hurting your eyes it comes of so easily. You need the littlest bit on a cotton pad and if you just wipe down a few times on your lashes it just breaks down your mascara and it wipes away. My favourite part is that it smells so good, it reminds me of the little bath balls my Nana used to have in her bath when I was little.

I’m sure these are not the ones my Nana had but this is what they were like.

The toner again is a perfect step to your daily routine with it being so gentle, refreshing and purifying. I feel that this product really helped with controlling the oils on my face at the same time as keeping it moisturised. Much like the eye make up remover this smells lovely. I would defiantly purchase these two products again.

Organic Rosehip oil – I am amazed by this product! I read a lot of reviews before buying it and wasn’t sure if I believed all that was said about he product…but I do now.

Image result for organic rosehip oil

Since being pregnant last year I have little patches of hyperpigmebtaion on my skin along with scars from years of break outs and this oil has worked wonders. I feel that it has already evened out my skin tone, started fading my scars and made my skin so much more moisturised. If you read my blog you will know I don’t really wear foundation on a daily basis but I will admit my skin lacks the dewiness look because of this but since using this product my skin looks much more dewy, plump and glowing. I love it and will defiantly continue using this morning and night, a little goes such a long way too so I’m sure although it costs £20 (unless you find it on offer) it is well worth the money. The only thing I don’t like about this product is the fact that it leaks but that may just be my bottle.

Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil, Honey – I have loved using this product. I’m not really a fan of lip glosses so as it’s quite thick I tend to used it before I go to bed allowing it to soak into my lips over night, however you can use it in the morning and during he day too. I suffer from bad cracked lips in the winter so much so that if I rub them together they can actually hurt because they are that  (I wana say crispy but that sounds rank) ruff and when I put this on I can literally feel it break down the hard cracks in my lips. It is so moisturising, incredibly nourishing and even though it is think it is in no way sticky. I would to try the other 2 colours out next and see if they are as impressive.

Image result for clarins lip oil

Estée Lauder double wear foundation – This foundation was one of my favourates when i was younger and actually used to wear quite alot of make up, since then Ive not bought a high coverage foundation as just got out of the habit of using foundation at all. I went into House of Fraser in Norwich after Christmas and decided i would purchase my first high coverage foundation in years, looked around and i was so confused with all the different types and choices there are these days that i just when with one i knew and this is how i ended up with the trusty double wear. I can say i still love it and for a few reasons, 1 it is a matte finish, 2. it has amazing coverage for a night out, 3. it smells nice and 4. its staying power is fantastic. There are so many foundations i want to try out now that i have got started again but for now this will be perfect for giving me that airbrush look when i go out.

Image result for estee lauder double wear

Charlotte Tilbury Glastonberry lipstick – I wanted this lipstick for a while and was so happy when i got it bought for my birthday. The colour of this lipstick is just wonderful, i did think it would maybe be a little dark for me but i love it. I find with some matte lipsticks that after i have reapplied a few times throughout the day/evening it can often go a little crumbly however with this product this didn’t happen at all. I love that you can build the colour up on your lips, the other day i went out during the day for drinks so applied the colour quite lightly then towards the evening i applied it darker. This is a high end product and the cost reflects that, however because of the quality i would defiantly buy it again.

Image result for charlotte tilbury glastonberry

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara – I have tried a few of Benefit mascaras and am yet to come across one i dislike, so when my bestfirend gave me this for my birthday i was excited to try it out. The mascara is said to lift and lengthen your lashes to give the affect of a wider eye, for me this product defiantly lift, lengthened and separated my lashes beautifully however for me it didn’t make  my eyes look wider. I would defiantly recommend this product if you like thinner mascara but not if you prefer and clumpier look. Well done Benefit, another mascara that does not disappoint.

Related image

I’ve yet to try the body wash that I got but will let you know how I got on with that once I have.

I hope your enjoying all your presents, if you got any products you would recommend please leave a comment below and ill check them out.

Much loveage Loz x


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