Weekly blog – 2017 Week 4…

Sun 22nd – Tommy’s football was cancelled Sunday because of a frozen pitch so instead we sat down and wrote three lists (crazy list lady)

  1. A meal plan for the week
  2. Food shopping list
  3. List of houses we wanted to look at just from the outside and decide if we would like a viewing.

Morning 😍

Freddie’s new little teethies

We went to Aldi and done our weekly shop, popped home to unload the car then back out to look at the houses. Our little drive was very unsuccessful, out of about 12 houses there were only 4 potentials.

Outfit of the day

Hair is getting so long

When we got home we had a lazy Sunday around the house, then made some frittatas out of Joe’s book, they were amazing I would defiantly make them again!

I heated one of these up on Monday morning and it was such a lovely breakfast I think I may make a batch each Sunday for my breakfasts, if and and when i have time that is.

Monday 23rd Jan – Harper was ill so we didn’t look after her this Monday, which I was secretly soooo pleased about as I was up all night with Freddie. Freddie’s teeth don’t seem to have bothered him too much until now, but he just didn’t sleep a wink sunday night.

Our bungalow went on the market today so we are all very excited about that, however feeling a little stressed too!

Freddie’s auntie Hollie texted us to say that her and nanny Jane were going round Tommy’s auntie Rhiannon’s at 1:30pm so myself and Freddie went round and joined them for a cuppa too. When we were round we watched Rhiannon and Spuds wedding video from back in November, it was so special.

When daddy got home he played with Freddie and gave him a bath while I cooked tea.

Joe Wicks chicken katsu curry

We were meant to view a house this evening but it was cancelled as someone’s offer was accepted. We didn’t do much after tea just watched telly and went to bed.

Tuesday 24th Jan – Me and Freddie didn’t do much at all in the morning other than clean and play, but had a lovely afternoon planned with the girls.

We all met up at the Castle Carvery Norwich for some lunch and to get the kids together, there were almost 20 of us including the kids so it was manic but such a lovely catch up. The babies change so quickly we have to make sure we get them all together often so we don’t miss out on too much. When i got home Freddie had a little nap and i called some estate agents to book a few viewings.

Tom was home soon after i fed Fred, so i made our tea and we sat down for another quiet evening.

Wednesday 25th Jan – Harper was still ill this morning so Freddie and i stayed at home, we had some floor play time in the morning and I filmed my video.

I spent the afternoon cleaning, making some new flavoured purée, tidying and playing with Freddie.

On Wednesday because Tommy has football training I have tea ready for when he gets home, this week I just made an easy tea of chicken, veg and new potatoes.

Bam done an LVL lash course on Saturday so wanted to try her new skills out on me and I was more than happy to be her guinea pig. She came over after work and we got all set up in my bedroom, She done really well and I cannot believe the outcome.

No make up at all but lush lashes.

Thursday 26th Jan – I had a hair appointment at 10:00m, so we were up and ready early. The salon wasn’t too busy this week so i got to sit and have a coffee with  the girls once Laura had finished my hair.

We have raised the blonde a little as by summer i would like my hair to be more like extended roots than Ombre.

On our way home Freddie and i popped into see his Nanny, untie Hol and Cousin Chester for a few hours.

I met Tommy at a house in Taverham as we had a viewing, it was really weird as it was Tommy’s aunties old house so brought back memories for him. It was gone 6.30pm when we left the viewing so instead of going home to cook dinner be grabbed a cheeky McDonalds *naughty*.

Friday 27th Jan – My friend popped over for a cuppa and catch up with her little boy which was really lovely. Myself and Becca have know each other our whole lives as our parents were really good friends and we actually have birthdays only a few days apart so used to have joint birthday parties. Its always nice to see her but even more special now we have our boys so close in age, I’m sure they will be great friends too.

Freddie and I had a relaxed afternoon of reading and playing with his toys before meeting daddy at another viewing.

We had a very quiet Friday night, Tom feel asleep on the sofa and i was in bed by 10:30pm sooo hard core :p.

Saturday 28th Jan – Myself and Tommy took Freddie swimming at midday in the local pool and because they had a new class on they were giving free swimming sessions which was a Brucie bonus. Freddie is getting so strong in the pool with kicking and splashing, water in his face and all the other kids and noise do not phase him at all anymore.

I dropped Tom off at the pub on my way home as he was going to watch the Norwich game and i went to see my mum and auntie.

When i picked Tom and his dad up they made me drive to KFC for some food so we picked up food for everyone, however Tom forgot to order my food 😦 serves me right for being picky and not eating chicken off the bone. We spent the rest of the evening at Toms parents before heading home to bed.

I hope you all had a great week and eat much healthier than i did for a week in January, at this rate i will never have the summer body i have in my head lol!

Much loveage Loz x


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