Weekly Blog – 2017 week 3…

Sunday 15th Jan – Tommy didn’t have footy so was nice to have a little bit of family time playing with Freddie and his toys then having breakfast together.

We both decided during the week we want to eat a little healthy when we can, so we got our Joe Wicks recipe book out and picked the meals we wanted for the weeks teas, made a shopping list and payed a visit to Aldi.

We took Freddie swimming midday as like we try to do each week because Freddie loves swimming and we want to make sure it stays that way, specially as we have a holiday booked for June and it just wouldn’t be the same if he couldn’t go in the pool.

I dropped Tommy off to the pub around 2pm and he spent the afternoon with the lads watching footy while myself and Freddie had cuddles, got some bits at home done and wrote my blog.

I picked Tommy and his friend Kev up around 6.45pm just in time to get Freddie in bed when we got home. The rest of the evening was spent as most Sunday evenings are, on the sofa snacking and watching a film.

Monday 16th Jan – My sister didn’t need me to look after my niece so me and Freddie had a day at home with no plans. I had a list of some bits I needed to do around the house but apart from that it was a quiet one.

We made our first meal in a while from the leanin15 cook book and it didn’t go down too well, Tommy didn’t realise he had picked a breakfast instead of a tea and it was very small however I added some little potatoes so we didn’t go hungry.

Tuesday 17th Jan – I woke up, made myself and Tom a coffee then went through to our room with Freddie and a present for Tommy. He had no idea what the present was for unti I said “Happy Anniversary” he was like opps! I wasn’t surprised though as we both forgot last year lol!

We already had the red book but the others are presents I got for Tom (not because I want him to lose weight but because he’s wanted them for a while) 

I spent he morning playing with Freddie and recording the below video.

I got my house work and washing done in the afternoon then made a start on tea.

I made Joe Wicks chicken pie and it was so yummy, we both really enjoyed it.

Once we had eaten we went round Tommy’s cousins to meet his new born baby girl, she is so cute. I can’t believe how weird I felt holding a new born again, I thought after having Freddie I would be used to it but every baby feels so different.

Wednesday 18th Jan – I tried Freddie with peanut butter on toast for breakfast instead of porridge and it seemed to go down really well, although it’s a lot messier but was funny to watch him with it.

I looked after my niece Harper at my sisters house for the morning, so I packed up Freddie’s bits and headed over there after breakfast.

What a chunk he looks here

Freddie and I spent the rest of the day at home playing, cleaning and writing Weaning update – 10 weeks….

Tommy had football training straight from work so I got Freddie bathed, fed and ready for bed so that when Daddy got home he could have a kiss and go straight to bed.

I made tea when Tommy was in the shower, we had sweet potatoes with chilli on top.

Thursday 19th Jan – We were up and at my sisters before 9am to look after Harper.

They are getting on so well it’s lovely to watch and I think they are teaching each other new things, but maybe that’s just me imagining it lol!

Another greasy hair day

Freddie and I went round a friend of mine that I met at my antinatal classes in the afternoon for a baby catch up, her little girl is so beautiful and is doing really well.

Freddie had the doctors at 4pm so they could give him something for the rash he has had the past few weeks. They prescribed him with Aveeno cream and dermal 500 soap and told us it is eczema. I mentioned that he wakes up with really puffy eyes in the mornings and was told that is probably to do with his allergies too.

When Tommy got home we bathed Freddie and got him to bed then made tea. We had chicken fajitas but I didn’t have any normal seasoning so I chucked some spices together and it was really nice, problem is I can’t remember what I used to try make it again.

Friday 20th Jan – I finally made a little plan to try and get Freddie in more of a routine during the day, so he has proper nap times and not just has power naps.

My sister Charlene popped round so i could gel her toes as she was going away for the weekend to Centre Parcs. When my sister had left and while Freddie was having a nap in his cot I done my nails and had a coffee.

We met auntie Bam on her lunch break at the Asda opposite our work and had a coffee in the cafe there. Bam was telling me about the lash course she is doing soon and I can’t wait to be her model for the treatment, I will show you the outcome next week.

When we got home we played some more then Freddie had another nap and I done some cleaning ready for some pictures to be taken Saturday morning.

When Tommy got home from work he had cuddles with Freddie then it was time for the 3 B’s.

For tea and something to do me and Tommy made our own wrap pizzas with lots of toppings on and I tell you what I would rather have that than a shop brough pizza any day.

Saturday 21st Jan – We woke up early as normal to feed Freddie but instead of lazing around the house, we were on a big cleaning/hiding mission as the estate agent was due round at 9.30am to take pictures.

What a clever boy

Once the estate agent had left myself and Tommy got ourselves and Freddie ready and went to meet his parents up The Stracey Hotel for a few drinks before Tom and his dad headed off to the Norwich V Wolves game and myself and Toms mum walked into the city.

Lipstick – Charlottel Tilbury Glastonberry, Top – H&M
We got Freddie some new baby grows and a new pair of swimming shorts as his are getting a little small.

Next – £16

Next – £7

Tommy and Michael met us in the Pub after the game and had another couple of drinks then we hopped on the bus home (after grabbing a frozen pizza and loads of crisps for when we got home) I haven’t been on a bus in sooo many years.

When we got home Tommy fell asleep and I watched a bit of telly while eating my weight in crisps.

Hope you had a lovely week and are having a nice chilled out Sunday. Let me know what you got up to in the comments.

Much loveage Loz x


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