Weaning update – Week 10…

I cant believe its already been 10 weeks since we started weaning Freddie, it doesn’t seem 5 mins ago but then again neither does his birth.

So in my last weaning blog Weaning update – week 6… i mentioned making broccoli and cauliflower puree and going on to new vegetables after those. I tried a few more vegetable but as Freddie didn’t seem to be enjoying them very much, i tried a day of the pre-made jars and he loved them. It was then that i decided to just feed him them until he was able to eat stage 2 foods which was around 2 weeks ago.

Freddie’s first attempt at eating lumpy foods went really well, just as he was turning 6 months i made him a little bowl of what i was making for Tommy and i for tea. I was cooking chicken, new potatoes and vegetables for tea so i put aside a little potato, a small bit of broccoli and a few peas in a separate pan and boiled them until they were soft enough to mash. Most of it went down really well, but at the end of the dish he was getting a little gaggy so that is when i stopped. The second time Freddie was sick everywhere, I think because he had a little too much in his mouth but since then all had been fine.

Freddie still has some pureed foods but then also has some lumpy foods and fingers foods.

We have now kind of got into a little routine:-

  • Breakfast – Porridge
  • Snack – 3/4 vegetable crisps
  • Lunch – Half a pot of pureed food & half a pot of pureed fruit
  • Tea – A little bit of mine and toms tea mashed together.

The most recent new finger foods that Freddie has tried and loved.

  • Toast with Flora Freedom
  • Toast with smooth peanut butter
  • cucumber
  • chip
  • potatoes
  • sweet potato

I am so happy with how Freddie is doing and how much food he is eating, however looking to add some more foods in the up coming weeks. Now he is managing with finger food well i am looking forward to introducing more whole fruits and veg instead of pureed.

I hope if any of you are weaning it is also going well, if you are not but have any tips or advice please comment below.

Much loveage Loz x





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