Weekly blog – 2017 week 2…

Sunday 8th Jan – Tommy had footy as he does most Sundays because he plays for the local pub team Farm House, I cleared up and got ready for the day while he was out. When Tom got back we went food shopping, home to put it away and then out again to have a little drive around looking at some of the houses we like and decide if we want to book a viewing. Once we were home we just pottered around the house and chilled out doing nothing very exciting.

Monday 9th Jan – I spent the morning writing my blog and cleaning the house again for the second lot of estate agents to come round, the first at 1:30pm and the second at 3:30pm (although they didn’t turn up until almost 5:00pm).

One of my friends Bex also popped round for a little catch up and to see Freddie in between the two viewings.

When Tom got home we had a normal evening of tea, bath Fred, feed Fred, put Fred to bed then lounge on the sofa.

Tuesday 10th Jan – I recorded and edited my youtube video in the morning then met a couple of my girl friends at Castle Carvery in the play area for a chinwag and to bring the little’ns together.

When i got home i cooked tea of sweet potato fries, seasoned pork and corn on the cob then got Freddie to bed and actually had myself a lovely hot bath.

Wednesday 11th Jan – I started helping my sister out today by looking after my niece Harper 3 mornings a week as she is so busy with work at the moment.

Me and Freddie then went to meet Bam (my twin sister) on her lunch break which we like to do once a week. When i got home i cleaned the house, got some washing done, put washing away and all that fun stuff. Tommy had football so we had a quick tea and then when he was out i got Freddie to bed, done some more boring chores and wrapped some presents i had been meaning to do for a while.

Thursday 12th Jan – I looked after Harper again until 12.30pm, had a cuppa with my sister Charlene when she got in then popped round to see my nephew Harrison and his mummy Ellie as they are only round the corner.

On my way home i nipped in Asda for a few bits we needed then went back home to cook tea. Me and Tommy started watching an new (not new out , but we hadn’t seen it before) called The Affair, so watched a couple of those.

Friday 13th Jan – Freddie and I had a nice relaxing morning and played with a lot of his new toys. The rest of the day we stayed home too but i got some cleaning done and cleared out my wardrobe, i didn’t realise i had collected so much crap in there. Freddie saw snow for the first time today and he was so confused, like where is all this white stuff coming from.

Once Tom was home we had tea and a beer, done the 3 B’s with Freddie and spent the evening on the sofa. Tommy fell asleep as he loves to do (or was watching his eye lids as he likes to call it) so i got some blog writing done which was much needed as you can tell i was a bit behind from the Christmas break.

Saturday 14th Jan – We got up early and sorted ourselves out as we had planned to take a drive to Yarmouth, take Freddie swimming, show him all the flashing lights in the arcade, get chips and have a little walk but it was snowing so we sat around wondering what to do for most the morning before getting up and doing some boring house work. Freddie was so tired because he is getting his first tooth that he fell asleep while sat up eating in his highchair.

In the afternoon we ran (not literaly) into the city as had a few things we needed to do then went round Tommy’s parents house to see them, Hollie, Vern and Chester.

We were home and had Freddie in bed just after 7:00pm, so sat down to eat some food and chill out, a far from buzzing Saturday night but loved it all the same.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and got out in the snow if you got a little like we did.

Happy Sunday ❤

Much loveage Loz x


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