It’s a New year – a weekly blog 

Saturday 31st Dec –  We were up at around 7:00am with Freddie but didn’t get out of bed for another hour or so. Tom went to collect his Nephew and i done my nails as they looked terrible.

Gelish – Hello Merlot
We took Freddie and Chester swimming in our local pool, it was really nice having them both there until it came to getting them both changed that was. Freddie is getting so used to the pool now as we take him most weeks and he loves it, although he much prefers swimming on his front than his back. After swimming we took Chester back home to Tommy’s parents house and stayed there until around 3. We went home, got showered and ready for the night, then were back round Toms mum and dads by 5:30pm for the Norwich City game.

Once the Game finished we went round Tommy’s aunties house for the New Year celebrations. It was a lovely night with Toms family, drinking, eating and playing some games. We walked home around 3:30am so not too late, but then again late enough as i’m up at 6:30/7:00am in the mornings.

Sunday 1st Dec – We had arranged to go on a family walk to Bacton with  my mum, brother, and sisters, Toms sister and all their partners but because it was raining quite bad we decide to go for a roast instead, as if we hadn’t eaten enough in the last week. The roast was absolutely delicious and we all really enjoyed it, if you live in Norwich i would recommend you go check it out at The Oaklands Hotel.

After the roast we couldn’t move so had a chilled afternoon at home eating more crap food, do any of you do that were you try and get rid of naughty foods in your house by eating them all in one go? Well we had a good go at doing that but just made ourselves feel sick lol.

Monday 2nd Dec – We done some boring bits round the house and had a quite morning playing with Freddie’s toys. Freddie started clapping (with no sound) but it is sooo cute. We all got cleaned up, myself and Freddie dropped Tommy off so he could go watch the Norwich game and we dropped the car off at my mums and walked with her and my Nana to Riverside. My Nana had to get some 50p prizes for a game she was doing so we were hunting round for bits, it is surprising what you can pick up for just 50p when you actually look.

We walked back fro Riverside and i hoped back in the car to pick Tom up then went home. We just had a chilled night again, which was nice after all the busyness of Christmas. We were surviving off food in the cupboards and freezer over Christmas because we thought it would be a waste doing a big shop and not being at home an awful lot, so our tea was a healthy beige tea.

After tea we done the 3 B’s with Freddie and settled down on the sofa for a snuggle and shit TV watching.

Tuesday 3rd Jan – My 27th birthday – If you have read my What I got for my birthday…blog post then you will know what we got up to today. When i woke up Tommy woke Freddie and brought him into see me for cuddles and went off to make a coffee. I had my coffee in bed while opening a few presents. Tom cleaned the house while i sat and had a catch up with Bam (my Twin sister), popped to get some food and made us all some lunch. We didn’t do much in the afternoon just sat around the house, until we had to get ready for our meal booked at 7:30pm.

One of mine and Bams favorite places to eat is Recruiting Sergeant so that is where we booked to have our meal. We had a table for 19 so they gave us a little room to ourselves which was lovely of them. The food was Delicious and not one of us had a bad word to say about the whole evening.

Wednesday 4th Jan – Tommy went back to work today so it was the first day in two weeks we were back in our normal routine. I’m actually a fan of routine just because then i know exactly what i am doing, however i really enjoyed the slow starts to our days, late nights, eating lots, drinking lots and sending lots of time with friends and family.

I had a great start to the day today….narrrt, Oscar and Oreo were booked in for their booster jabs and I couldn’t find Oscar so had to go without him. When I got to the vets lucky they said it happens a lot and booked him in for the afternoon at 3:30pm and I had to go back.

I spent the morning playing with Freddie, clearing bits up around the house and recording my  What Freddie got for his 1st Christmas video. The afternoon was great fun, getting lots of washing done then back to the vets. Tommy had football after work so i got Freddie bathed and put to bed, then had a nice relaxing bath myself.

Thursday 5th Jan – I spent most the morning sorting out Freddie’s wardrobe and room getting rid of things he doesn’t need anymore and making space for all his new bits. I called 4 estate agents to book in evaluations on our house for Friday and Monday, cleaned the house and had a big cuddle with Freddie. He’s not a big cuddler and never had been I think because he’s always been so strong as soon as he lays down he wants to be up, although today he gave me the nicest cuddle ever and I couldn’t let go, so I stopped what I was doing and just appreciated the cuddle for a little over an hour.

When tom got home from work we picked his mum up and went to Next Longwater to buy Freddie and new coat and I spent my birthday vouchers 👌🏼 (what I bought in my What I got for my birthday… blog)

We got home and put Freddie to bed then had some tea and chilled out for the rest of the evening.

Friday 6th Jan – I was up and cleaning the house ready for the estate agent to come round and evaluate the house. We had a booking at 10:30am and 3:30pm. Just before the 2nd agent arrived Freddie throw up all over his highchair and the carpet which is just what I needed…I took a picture to send to Tommy and would insert it here but I’m not sure anyone would appreciate that lol! Luckily I got it cleared up just in time. In between the appointments my friend Fiona popped round for a cuppa and catch up, I done some writing and played with Freddie, he loves his floor time now.

We lived it up, as you do on a Friday evening and got a chicken wrap from the local kebab shop and watched Tv.

Saturday 7th Jan – We woke up and had a slow start, had some brecky, tidied the house and then tommy went to play footy. I went to the city to take a couple bits back that we still hadn’t returned from Christmas and looked for some Rosehip oil and new foundation to buy with my birthday money.

When I got back from the city I fed and played with Freddie before having a shower and getting ready for the evening.

We had a surprise 60th party to go to at The Oaklands Hotel at 6:30pm so as soon as Tom got back from footy we all got sorted and got our asses there. Children were all invited so we took Freddie but he feel asleep in his buggy for a couple hours and then we took him home around 10:30pm. It was a lovely evening and the venue was beautiful.

Not forgetting the delicious cupcakes 👌🏼

I hope you all had a nice, positive week and didn’t find getting back to normal too hard. Those of you who started a new year diet…well done because I didn’t manage a bloody day!!

Much loveage Loz x


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