December week 4…

Friday 23rd Dec – We had a slow start to the day just doing bits around the house and then popped to get our food and drink for the Christmas period, we defiantly shouldn’t have left it until Christmas eve eve to go to the supermarket as it was so busy.

Once home I got showered and ready while Tom played with Freddie before he went to meet is dad and friends for a few drinks. It was my works Christmas due and the plan was for everyone to finish work at 2pm, have a few drinks then head into the city. As Freddie was ill and not sleeping i didn’t want to get a sitter so i just popped into the office to show my face instead of going out with them. It was really nice to see everybody and they got to see how much Freddie had grown. On the way home from work i stopped in at Tommy’s parents house to see his mum and sister for a little while then picked Tom up from the pub at 7.30 as he was just round the corner from theirs.

When we got in we put Freddie to be and i made chicken fajitas which were so yummy. Tommy fell asleep as he does when he has been drinking (or not been drinking) and i just watched some telly.

Saturday 24th Dec – Christmas Eve – We were up at 5.30am because of Freddie being ill but again didn’t rush getting out of bed. When we were all ready we popped to Longwater Boots to get some pictures printed and The Range for some frames as wanted to get some pictures done as a little add on to a few peoples presents. Once we has all we needed myself, Tom and Freddie went round Toms parents to make sausage rolls and cheese straws (this is kinda mine and Toms input every year). We stayed round there for most the day and all had a Mc Donnalds for tea to start of the amazing Christmas diet.

Saturday 25th Dec – Christmas day 2016 – Tom and i were up at 6.30 with Freddie, we all got showered,dressed, got all Freddies bottles ect ready and went to Tommy’s mum and dads. It honestly looked  like we were moving back into their house with the amount of stuff we had to take with us and all the presents.

Michael had made us all a little fry up for breakfast so we eat that then sat down to open our presents. Freddie loved all the wrapping paper and wouldn’t have even cared if that was all he had, I loved seeing his little face wondering what was going on.

After all the presents were opened we tided up then Tom went to collect his Nan and Auntie so they could join us for Christmas dinner. It seemed everyone enjoyed their food as all plates were clear, except mine with a few sprouts. After food we all had a little sit down in front of the telly and had a few drinks waiting for the evening guests to arrive. Some more of Tommy’s family arrived around 6.30pm for drinks and it was a really nice evening. We played a few games, eat lots of cheese and crackers, enjoyed a tipple or few and had a great laugh. I think we walked home around 11.30pm so it wasn’t too late.

Sunday 26th Dec – Boxing day –  Tommy made us pop and have a quick look at what the Next sale had to offer, it was so busy. We met my brother, sisters, their partners and children at my dads pub to have a quick catch up, exchange gifts and have a drink. When it started to get busy we left the pub and headed to my sisters where we spent the rest of the afternoon and evening playing more games, eating more cheese and having more drinks. Tommy had bought that speak out game to play but because we had used it the night before at his parents my older sister Marl decided to put the mouth pieces in her steriliser and they lost all elasticity and snapped when we tried to put them in our mouths, we found it hilarious!

Tommy had a few too many that night as he is shit at drinking games, he mumbled to me at 10.30pm that he had had enough and he needed to go home. We got all the way home to realise that despite me asking him 5 times he didn’t bring the house keys, so as you can imagine i was very glad we have a key box!!  I lost my voice so spent the whole taxi drive home repeating myself to the taxi driver and him taking the piss out of me.

Monday 27th Dec – We didn’t do much other than sit around the house and play with all Freddie’s new toys. Chilled and made the most of a quiet day and night.

Tuesday 28th Dec – We got up early and headed into the city to take some bits back. I didn’t feel too well so when we got back I had a lay down while Tommy done some cleaning. My sister popped round in the evening for a cuppa then I had an early night as felt so sick.

Wednesday 29th Dec – I still didn’t feel to well when I woke so we got on the sofa and watched the jungle book and lion king which was actually a really lovely morning. The rest of the day was very chilled too as we just cooked and spent time at home.

Thursday 30th Dec – Toms best mate Scott nipped round to see us and we all took a drive to Next so Tom could take a couple things back he got in the sale that didn’t fit. On the way home from the pub we dropped Toms sister Hollie and text to see what she was up to and they asked if we fancied lunch. We ended up going on a mini pub crawl with the boys for food and a couple drinks! Toms parents and Scott and his girlfriend charlie joined us a bit later before we all headed home around 8.30.

I hope you have all had a lovely last week of the year and felt as bloated as I did after all the yummy food and drinks!


2 thoughts on “December week 4…

  1. Awww, this is such a lovely blog post! So easy to read. I loved hearing all about Freddie’s first Christmas! This year was my nephews first Christmas with us (2nd Christmas altogether but they live away from us so our first one together!) and it was so lovely to see how excited he was! It makes Christmas so exciting again.

    One of my new favourite blogs 🙊🙊


    Liked by 1 person

    1. The sweetest message I have had, you have made my day 💋 now going across to check out your blog! I’m glad you enjoyed Christmas with you nephew, your right they do give the Christmas magic back you had as a kid don’t they 💖 xxxx


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