Weaning update – week 6…

I didn’t end up making the broccoli and carrot puree’s this week because we still had pea left, so decided to use that up and introduce whole rusks and sweetcorn rings instead. 

You can tell that sometime Freddie is just a little peckish and not really hungry,  which is why I have given Freddie rusks and Organix sweetcorn rings to nibble on. I know it says don’t give them to babies under 7 months but as Freddie has been eating solids for a few months now I felt he was ready and he proved me right. 

Freddie’s appetite returned with a vengeance after his cold, he was so hungry for a few days. He is now drinking his full 8oz 5 times a day, (although yesterday I increased it to every 4 hours instead of every 3) and is eating porridge in the morning and vegetable purée in the afternoon with a couple of snacks throughout the day.

The amount of spoonfuls that Freddie takes in each sitting has increased, he was only managing around 4 but now he’s having quite a few and sometime wants more than I make up. 

I will defiantly be making the broccoli and carrot purees today as we are out of pea puree. I was told at Freddie’s hospital appointment that we only have to try a single food consistently for 3 days now rather than 7, so I will make a smaller amount of flavours, so we can get different foods into his diet quicker. 

By our next update in 2 weeks time Freddie will be 3 days off 6 months 🙈 so I will b looking forward to introducing some finger foods like carrot batons and cucumber. 

Oreo trying to steal Freddie’s rusk 🙊😂

As always if you have any weaning tips, please leave a comment below. 

Much loveage Loz x


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