December – week 3 

Friday 16th Dec – Freddie had his long awaited hospital appointment at 11am today (well it was more like 12.30pm but he time we were seen) with the pediatrician. I must say after a 15 weeks wait it was a pretty pointless appointment, however I will write a blog on his allergy update very soon. If you read my last weeks blog you may remember that Oreo our cat was weeing in the house, because this continued I called the vets who advised that we make an appointment to see them that day, they booked us in for 2.45pm. Freddie had a quick nap and I used the 20 minutes to do my nails as myself and Tommy were off out in the evening.

Worse set of nails I’ve ever done, but when you know your child only has power naps you need to be quick lol! 

After having his wee tested at the vets they confirmed our thoughts, Oreo had a urine infection bless him 😦 he was given a dose of antibiotics by injection that lasts 14 days and sent us home with some anti-inflammatory medicine. £73 down this close to Christmas is not an ideal situation, but it had to be done to help my boy get better. I really hope that the antibiotics work so Oreo feels better and stops weeing in the house, because i want our carpet back down 🙈

When we got back from the vets I had to clear up and jump in the shower as we were due out at 6 pm and since I’ve had Freddie it takes me 3 hrs to get ready instead of half hour due to keeping him entertained.

We had a really nice evening out for Tommy’s work Christmas due at The Holiday Inn. We had a 3 course meal of soup, turkey Christmas dinner and cheese cake, however i didn’t eat my desert because when I’ve had a drink or two i don’t really fancy sweet foods.

It was actually a 1920’s theme but Tommy’s work knew nothing about it. Not sure who’s hat this was but it got passed around the whole night.

We got there around 6.30pm and booked a taxi home for 12pm, even though it didn’t finish until 1am…i know sensible right!!

Saturday 17th Dec – I was up at 6am with Freddie and let Tommy sleep in until 11am, as much as i hated doing so. We didn’t leave the sofa much before 4pm that day, eating, playing and having cuddles. We cleaned the house, bathed and fed Freddie then got ready for a wedding reception we had to go to. The reception was at The Assembly House, such an amazing venue, with beautiful high ceilings. It was also a free bar (2nd night in a row 👌🏼🍻) so obviously we had another good night. I meet a lot of Toms mates wives which was really nice, we even had some silly pictures taken together.

Not the best quality as i took a picture of the originals that someone else kept.

I’ve had this H&M dress for about 2 years but never worn it because I can’t sit down in it 🙊 , surely i cant be the only one that owns a dress like this?

Sunday 18th Dec – We woke up and had a small breakfast, I played with Freddie in his jumperoo and Tommy went to football. I had to then got ready for the Askers meal that I explained to you about last week, which was at 1pm.  Tommy’s sister Hollie ordered a taxi to mine for 11.45am to collect me and Freddie (remind me to never get in a taxi with all Freddie’s bits on my own again) then we collected a Hollie and Chester from their house. Tommy and Vern were still playing football and got to the meal late around 1.45pm when all the mains were coming out, they are late every year.

Dress – French connection, boots – Topshop 

At 4.42pm Tommy’s cousin and his girlfriend who were meant to be at the meal welcomed there little girl into the world, so we all had a glass of champagne to celebrate.

Everyone started heading home around 5:30/6:00pm so me and Tommy left as we still had to pop round to my sisters because my auntie, uncle and cousins were down from Northumberland. When we got to my sisters, both my twin sister and brother were also there with their partners so it was a nice little family catch up. My brother in law had done an amazing spread and even after a 3 course meal i still scoffed my face.

Monday 19th Dec – I got up with Freddie fed him, played with him and got him ready for the day, when daddy was back from getting petrol i showered and got myself ready. I had arranged to meet my bestfriend Becca at Zaks in Thetford at 12.30pm as it is half way between where we both live. We had a little child free catch up, yummy food and prezzie exchange, It was so nice as we were actually able to hold a conversation without all the interruptions. Tom took Freddie up the city while i was gone to finish his Christmas shopping for me, i think Tommy love it as he hasn’t had Freddie on his own much other than an evening when he was in bed. When i woke up that morning i found the receipt to my broken bracelet and turns out Tommy had not brought it from Beaverbrookes but from House of Fraser, so he took it back for me and they have sent it off to be repaired or replaced. I’m over the moon about as i have the earrings and necklace to match.


When we both got home i gave Freddie a bit squidge and we just chilled out and pottered around the house doing nothing too exciting.

Tuesday 20th Dec – Tom was back at work for only 2 days before he was finished for Christmas, so he didn’t mind the thought of a 2 day week. Me and Freddie had a very chilled day after such a busy weekend. We had lots of cuddles, play time, done a bit of tidying and made sure all the presents were wrapped for Christmas.

When Tom got home we also had a relaxed evening. I cooked tea, we only had jacket potatoes, beans and cheese because we had nothing left in our cupboard as we were waiting to do our Christmas shop. Once we ate, we got all washed up and watched shit tv.

Wednesday 21st Dec – I spent the morning in between feeding and playing recording my 2nd youtube Video, i no goooo me lol!

We went to meet Auntie Bam for a coffee on her lunch break at Costa then came home and one of Tommy’s best mate popped round to give Freddie his Christmas present. When Toms mate Butch left i tidied the house and put some dry clothes away (how many of you have clothes all over your house as they wont dry because its so friggen cold). Tommy got home from his last day at work this year and had some cuddles with Freddie while i cooked tea, how better than to celebrate with a beautiful beige tea of chips and chicken burger things lol! I had avocado and poached eggs on toast, tasty!! Once Freddie had been bathed and put to bed we got warm and cozy in bed and watched telly.

Thursday 22nd Dec – Although we were up at 6am we didn’t get out of bed until about 9am this morning. Tommy then went to have his hair cut and i fed Freddie some porridge and then cleaned all the porridge off him. When Tom got home we had a very boring morning of cleaning the house, not just tidying and giving it a wipe down but a proper good old scrub. Once we were all showered and ready we took a drive to riverside for some grub and a few washing bits we needed from B&M.

I enjoyed this Nandos so much as we haven’t been in so long, the last time i went i was pregnant. Thanks Tommy 🙂

Freddie wasn’t as excited and mummy about going to Nandos

When we got home from riverside Freddie had the 3 B’s (bath, bottle, bed), Tommy went to play football and i made broccoli & cauliflower puree’s. I then sat down to wright this at about 8pm but my poor little boy has been up and down like a yoyo. I think he is getting a bit of a cough or something as he woke up screaming about 8:30pm, threw up and now he sounds like a fog horn. I have managed to get him to sleep on our bed elevated by pillows but I’m not sure he will last long as his cough keeps waking him so it seems as though I’m in for a good night.

I want to be like my daddy 

No work for daddy, he gets to stay in bed with me

I hope you have all had a lovely week and are ready as you can be for the madness of Christmas. Lets hope tonight isn’t too bad and my little man isn’t ill for Christmas

Much loveage Loz x


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