December – week 2…

Friday 9th Dec – Freddie and I had a chilled day in and I got some cleaning and washing done. When daddy got home he decided he was going out with the lads for a FEW drinks (didn’t get in until 12.40pm) so as I had no plans I got Freddie to bed and sat down to watch a film and eat popcorn (I think I might be addicted at the moment). I watched The Martian, which I thought was going to be really crap but I actually enjoyed it. 

Saturday 10th Dec – Tom felt a little fragile early on so me and Freddie left him in bed and played in the lounge for a bit. I then cooked breakfast for me and Tom, we had bacon and cheese toasties, then I fed Freddie some porridge. Once our breakfast had settled we got ready to go swimming, I think it’s time for Freddie to have some new swimming shorts as his looked a tad tight 🙈 Freddie absolutely loved swimming this week, he was splashing around everywhere and the smile on his face just made my day. He much prefers it on his front to his back so he can see around him. After swimming  we popped to Morrisons to get some bits for lunch and for an Oreo (no bake) cake I wanted to make.

Blog post to follow 

When we got home daddy played with Freddie while I made the Oreo cake, OMG I made such a mess smashing up all those Oreo biscuits but it was sooo worth it. I then fed Freddie some peas and jumped in the shower as I had a meal to go to.

We had our girls Christmas meal tonight which was really nice! It was great to catch up with the girls and have some yummy food. I didn’t drink as was up all night with Freddie the night before and thought if it happened again I wouldn’t be able to cope after drinking 🙈🙊

Sunday 11th Dec – Tommy had footy this morning so myself and Freddie chilled, and got some tidying done. When Freddie went down for a nap I jumped in the shower and got ready for our meal we had in the afternoon.

Every year we have 2 meals with Tommy’s family, one with the Salmons (which is what Tommy’s and Freddie’s last name is) and then one with the Askers (which is Tommy’s cousins family, I think lol) he has such a big family I am still learning who everyone is but I love it.

My top is last years from Asda and Freddie’s is from Next this year.

So this Sunday we had the salmon meal which was at The Cock Inn, there was about 45 of us squashed into the corner of the restaurant/pub. I was great to see the whole family together, catch up, eat and drink!

Freddie and Chester in matching outfits (everything from Next) with Nanny Salmon 

Auntie Hol, Freddie’s cousin Chezzie and uncle Vernie 

Monday 12th Dec – Tommy was off work today as he had some holiday to take before the new year. We had a nice chilled morning and had a lovely breakfast that I made. Tommy had a 3 tier sandwich with egg and bacon and I had scrambled egg, avocado, bacon and a slice of toast.

We got ourselves ready and headed out about 11.30 to go to Taverham Garden Centre to look around all the Christmas decorations and Santa’s grotto

We had some lunch in the little cafe at the nursery. Tommy had coronation chicken sandwich and a pot of tea and I had a scone and water in my Hydrate m8 bottle

Once we finished our lunch we went to the big Next at Longwater to look for a few bits for Freddie as he is getting too big and last Christmas presents.

When we got home we chilled and had carrot and coriander soup for tea. Put Freddie to bed at 7 then Tom fell asleep so I just watched tv and caught up on YouTube.

Tuesday 13th Dec – Tommy was back to work and Freddie and I didn’t have any plans so we just got some washing done, changed the beds and chilled. Freddie was a pain in the ass most the day I couldn’t work out what was up with him just winging ALOT, but he was cuddly so I did enjoy it slightly 💙 I order a few last minute bits online and wrote some lists of things I need to do next week and that was our boring day. Tommy was off to watch Norwich City at home so I had tea ready for him after work to have a quick bit and head back out. I then bathed Freddie and put him to bed, had a bath myself and just relaxed on the sofa with a cuppa and slice of Oreo cake. Tommy was a happy boy when he got home as Norwich won, with a clean sheet, wooop!!

Wednesday 14th Dec – (Happy birthday Uncle Vernie) We were meant to have my friend Becca and her little boy Charlie over today but they are ill so it ended up being a day of just getting bits done. When Tommy finished work he got cleaned up and we met his mum, dad, Hol, Vern and Chester at Longwater Next for a browse then on to Pizza Hut for tea. We try to all go out for tea when it is one of our birthdays and Vernie chose pizza.

I’m sure I’m not the only one but I hateee these highchairs that restaurants have. I know they are easy to clean so hygienic but they are so big for babies that have just started sitting up. I have to put a blanket on with Freddie to try fill it out about but he still slips down within a few seconds. The meal was lovely and we had a nice time with both the boys there. When we got home we put Freddie to bed and got in our comfy clothes to chill, but no Oreo pissed all over the front porch so we had to spay, scrub and try dry that which was a chore. If it’s not Freddie shutting or pissing everywhere it is the cat!

Thursday 15th Dec – OMG not long till Christmas now!! So much to do, so little time.

Freddie had the doctors at 8.40am this morning as his appointment had been changed from 2.40pm for his 3rd set of jabs. He didn’t like his jabs at all this time, normally they don’t really phase him i assume maybe as he is a little bit older now he understands more. We went from the doctors to the hairdressers as my appointment was at 10am on the other side of the city. My friend cuts my hair so it is always lovely to go and get my hair done as we get a little catch up at the same time.

From the hairdressers we went to meet my brothers girlfriend at whitlingham lake for a walk. It is beautiful there and if you live close by and haven’t been, you must go!!

We didn’t get home till 3.30pm so it had been a long day for Freddie, although he spent most of the walk sleeping. I got some tidying done while Freddie played in his jumperoo then when tommy got home we headed into the city for. My Michael Kors bracelet broke at the weekend so I wanted to try and take it back to be repaired or replaced, aswel as getting some more last minute Christmas bits (never ending last minute bits lol).

We finished off in the city about 8.30 then popes into Tommy’s parents for an hr or so. Freddie is really grizzly and got a temperature from his jabs today bless him. I’ve just been giving him a big cuddle and am now off to bed myself as I’m sure it’s going to be a long one 😦

Good night all and hope you have all had a wonderful second week of December

Much loveage Loz x


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