The perfect mummy’s bag…

When Freddie was first born it took me ages to leave the house on each outing as I had some many things I wasn’t used to taking with me. To cut down on stuff I ditched the handbag and just put my essentials in his changing bag. A few weeks later I was lost without my diary, my lip balms and all the bits you have in your handbag you feel you don’t use but do, so I started using my handbag again. It didn’t even take a week for me to get annoyed with carrying my bag on my shoulder while pushing the pushchair, it’s kind of like trying to ride a bike with a handbag falling off your shoulder the whole time.

I was reading my friends Blog when I came across her post about a backpack from Lamoda. I thought back to when I used to ride a bike (I know it’s nothing like it’s just as frustrating 🙊) and remembered it was much easier using a backpack as they don’t keep falling in your way. I loved the grey bag that Hannah had but thought black would be much more appropriate for me with all the bubba mess and would match more of my wardrobe, so I brought this one.

 Which is now on offer for £14.99. It was the best idea ever and I love it.

This bag is just the right size for everything I need, I see some and they are much to large for my liking but this one is just perfect. It goes with everything I ware and it is very good for organising your bits and pieces because of the amount of different sections.

Inside toggle and clipper 

The biggest section of the bag

The middle zip pocket

Another smaller section

Inside, back zip section

Outside, back zip pocket 

The customer care at Lamoda is brilliant. I ordered my twin sister the grey bag for Christmas but there was an error in my order and although I had paid for the bag and received an email to say my item was dispatched it was actually sold out. Lamoda emailed me to apologise and ask if I would like a full refund or exchange, as Bam had actually asked me for the bag because she liked mine so much I told her about he mistake and she picked another bag.

I sent a response to Lamoda with the new bag details and was aware that I would have to pay £4.99 extra as it was a little more expensive. I received an email from a lady called Abi in the customer care team the following day who advised she had personally packed my order and it will be sent out to me that day. She also mentioned that as a good will gesture they will be sending it to me for no extra cost which I thought was lovely of them.

I am so happy with the cost and quality of the products from Lamoda as well as their customer care so will defiantly be purchasing from them again in the future.

If you make an account with Lamoda you also receive frequent emails advising you of money off days, which you can take full advantage of.

Happy shopping 🎒

Much loveage Loz x

(This is a true review off my own back, I have been in noway contacted by Lamoda to write this)


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