I had a girls meal on Saturday evening, we do it every year for Christmas. Last year we all wore Christmas jumpers to get all festive for the occasions but we were all so hot while eating our Christmas dinner. This year we were returning to The Unthank Arms So decided we wouldn’t bother with the jumpers and just wear something a tad Christmassy.

The day before the meal I looked in my wardrobe and other than my outrageous Christmas jumpers I don’t have anything Christmassy. I went to riverside that day so popped into hobby craft to see if I could find something I could maybe use to make me look christmassy, when I found these felt stockings 

I also got some safety pins to pin them on with by the ribbon, however they had adhesive pads on the back that were strong enough to stick to fabric. When I got home I put then on my denim dungaree dress that I got in primark a few months ago.

And I loved the look. Not over the top but just a touch for Christmas for only £1.

When I got home that night I took them off my dungarees and put them around the house

I hope your all enjoying the festive lead up to Christmas.

Much loveage Loz x


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