Weaning update – 4 weeks…

The last 2 weeks have been a bit different to Freddie’s 1st 2 weeks of eating solids and that’s because he’s been full of cold,  so been off his food and milk a little.

Before Freddie’s cold came out we didn’t know what was wrong with him, he didn’t seem himself and could see he was in pain. He was like he was before we found out about his allergy. My 1st thought was it was the food I had been giving him as I’d tried too many different foods and flavours too quite quickly (me being too excited 🙈) so I made the decision to stop feeding him solids for a few days, however it made no difference. I spoke to the pediatrician who said that when someone with an allergy gets ill their allergy heightens and so that might be why he’s in pain like he used to be before he was put on Nutramigen.

Freddie has reached 8oz of milk per feed but during the last 2 weeks he’s as only been drinking about 4oz/6oz, one day he only had 21oz which is about what an 8lb baby should be having.

So as food was not making a difference I chose to start weaning again, however this time try different foods more slowly so if anything was going to irritate Freddie I will know what it is.

I was keen to start making some vegetable purée up and freeze it instead of buying all the little pots because A. You can do one vegetable at a time B. You know exactly what is in the food you are feeding your baby and C. It’s so much cheaper.

I went online to find some recipes and  came across the Cow & Gate 5 step weaning plan which looked easy enough, so I ordered one (they are free and come within a couple of days)

Once I received the weaning booklet I went to the shop with my shopping list 

I decided to go ahead and make the pea purée 1st which was so easy. Freddie absolutely loved it. He couldn’t get enough of it and was the 1st time he was opening his mouth quickly after taking a spoonful.

This weekend I will be making some broccoli and carrot purees (not together) for Freddie to try in the next 2 weeks, so I will let you know how he has taken to them in the 6 week update.

In the Cow & Gate booklet it says that “it can take 8-10 tries for your baby to like a new flavour” so for breakfast the last 2 weeks I have been persevering with the strawberry and banana porridge to see if he would grow to like it and he has. He’s not as keen on it as the peas but he eats it without struggle now which is good.

I will be following the 5 step challenge until We have completed it as i find it better to have some guideline to work to.

If you have any tips for weaning or weaning a child with an allergy then please leave me a comment

Much Loveage Loz x


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