Freddie’s development – 5 months…

Another month has passed and it doesn’t feel 2 minutes ago I sat down to write Freddie’s 4 months development update.

I know I touched on this last month but this month I’ve been having so many thoughts about how quick I’m losing my baby ;( of cause I know I’ve still got my little boy but it still feels sad 🙈 I’ve been making a conscious effort to hug him a little longer, give him too many kisses and enjoy every second of everyday with him as time does just fly by. Anyway, enough of that, lets talk about how my little man is getting on.

Freddie has got stronger and stronger this month and he just keeps surprising me with how well he is doing. 

Hand eye coordination – Freddie well and truly knows that his hands and feet are attached to his body and they are his. He grabs anything in front of him, he plays with his feet and he will kick anything near his feet even me.

Leg strength – so not only does Freddie hurt now when he kicks you (not viciously but if your too close to his legs or in the way of his jiffling) but he is also even stronger on his feet. He can stand tall with me only holding on to one of his hands.

Giggling – Freddie is smiling and giggling all the time now and not just when you make silly noises to him but when you are talking to him, when he wakes and sees you in the morning, when you tickle him and smile at him. It makes my day 😍

Turning over – Freddie has now mastered turning over from back to front. The 1st time he done it was on the morning of Tommy’s aunties wedding day so we will always remember that milestone.

Talking – Freddie is even more vocal now, today we went to a nursery thing in the local church full of children of all ages and Freddie was the loudest 🙊 he hasn’t said his 1st word yet though.

Sleeping – Freddie has not been sleeping that well the last few weeks and is certainly not doing his normal 7am-7pm but I’ll put that down to him being ill. He has however slept in his big boy cot for the last 2 nights and is doing a lot better than I imagined.

Teeth – no teeth yet

Sitting up – Freddie sat up today, ok maybe half sat up as he doesn’t wobble all over the place and fall over anymore but he is more or less bent in half bless him. He just needs to get that strength to hold himself more up right then he will have cracked it.

Freddie has been going through a growth spurt for the last couple of weeks so has gone from only just being able to wear a pair of jeans last month to out growing his whole wardrobe. He is getting a right chunk and I love it!

Weight – 17lbs

Using a cup – Freddie has been able to hold his non-spill cup for a while but not drink out of it, this week he did and I was so proud bless him.

Weaning – Freddie is getting on really well with his eating. I know it’s a bit late but weaning update – week 4 will be up tomorrow.

Freddie has had a cold the last week so his allergy has been heightened poor boy, however seems to be getting better now which makes me happy.

Freddie has reach a few little milestones this month and I could be more proud of his strength and development, he is such a smiley boy.

Im looking forward to seeing what Freddie manages next month, ahhhh he will be 6 months old 🙈🙈🙈

If there is anything you think I have missed please leave a comment.

Much loveage Loz x


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