December – Week 1…

I have decided to do a weekly blog throughout December as I thought it would be nice to have a diary of the festive month.

Thursday 1st Dec – Myself and Freddie were up, fed, dressed and out of the door before 9am as I had a playsuit I had to return in the city (the playsuit I wore to the wedding was reduced a few days after I bought it so I bought another one for Β£15 less and forgot to take the other one back). We then went to Asda to pick up a few nibbles as we planned a little baby get together round my brothers house.

Harper, Freddie, Harrison and Charlie

Myself, my older sister Charlene, my brothers girlfriend Ellie and my oldest friend Becca had a lovely little get together to bring all 4 of the babies together for the 1st time. I also got to see my brother when he finished his last week of working away and my old step dad (him and my mum split in 2013 I think) for the 1st time in about 8 years 😢

My dad and step mum were coming over for tea so I started making deserts

Quick and easy – crumbled Oreo on bottom, chocolate angel delight, more Oreo and a Malteser reindeer on top

I made chicken with Mediterranean vegetable and rice for our main which I’m so glad went down really well. It was really nice to see my dad and sue as don’t get to see them as much as we would like as they own a pub in Lessingham and are always really busy.

Friday 2nd December – Myself and Tommy decided to have a night in on the sofa as Freddie has been ill and a relaxing night sounded amazing before our busy weekend. As soon as Tommy got home from work we went to Asda to get a ‘create your own pizza’ we love them, they are just as good if not better than a takeaway pizza but a quarter of the price πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ When we got back from Asda we bathed and fed Freddie then put him to bed. The rest of the evening was lovely and chilled, we just watched a film and eat our pizza then got an early night.

Saturday 3rd December – We woke up, had a yummy breakfast of poached eggs on toast and we’re out the door by 9am. We are planning on selling our bungalow and had an appointment to talk through prices ect, boring. Me being as stupid as  I am I assumed we had to go to the office for our appointment, you can imagine how stupid we felt when we arrived and one of the guys in the estate agents rang the bloke we were meant to be meeting to ask where he was and he was outside our house πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚. So we went home again to meet the agent, which went well.

We grabbed our first festive coffee while in the city. 

Tommy went off to play football about 12 and I done a bit of cleaning. My twin sister popped round in the afternoon to watch Freddie while I had a shower and got ready for our night out. My mum then came round as me and Tommy were off out to his cousin Thorley’s 30th surprise birthday party and she was watching Freddie.

The photobooth was so much fun

How old do I look in this pic 

The party was at Horseford social club and we all had to be there before 7pm as birthday boy was due for 7.15pm. It was such a lovely night, birthday boy was defiantly surprised and seemed to really enjoy his night which was the main thing. It got to 11.30pm and they rang last orders, Hollie and I wanted to at least make it to mid nite as it was her birthday the next day so we all went back to Tommy’s parents house for 1 last drink. Me and tommy ended up walking home at 2am πŸ™ˆ

As I have mentioned Sunday was Tommy’s sisters birthday and our nephews 1st birthday. Tommy went to play football in the morning and me and Freddie just had some playtime. We went to a playbarn in Porringland to celebrate Chezzie’s  birthday in the afternoon and it was so nice (Russel Martin was there πŸ™Š). We are defiantly going back in the summer, take a picnic and stay for the day it will be so much fun.

After the playbarn we went to Zak’s for tea, to celebrate Hollies birthday too. I had a rock house burger with a side order of jalapeΓ±o cheese sauce, it was delicious! Freddie managed to sleep the whole way through the meal which was handy πŸ™‚

Monday 5th December – just a chilled day today in an attempt to get myself and Freddie feeling better. Freddie slept quite a bit so I managed to make some veg ice cubes for him and do some cleaning. When Tom got home we just did our weekly shop then had a yummy curry for tea. Freddie slept in his cot for the 1st time which went better than expected. He only woke up twice which is quite good considering he is getting over a cold (He normally sleeps through from 7-7 but being ill has changed that a little), I am very proud of him!

Tuesday 6th December – we had another chilled morning, Freddie slept for a while after his bottle so I had a shower and done some tidying and once he woke we took a walk into the city to meet my friend for a coffee on her lunch break.

After our walk home I gave Freddie some of the pea purΓ©e I made on Monday and he loved it so much
What a mess lol! 

We had another chilled evening with daddy. Freddie’s 2nd night in his cot went really well he only woke at 4.15am and went straight back to sleep when I settled him. He then slept till I woke him for his bottle at 7.10am, hoorayyyy

Wednesday 7th December – I woke up feeling like every sleepless night I have had since Freddie was born had caught up on me, so myself and Freddie had a chilled few hours, I put a wash on, grabbed a coffee and sat down to catch up on  Mrs Meldrum and zoella vlogmas. I then did a bit of clearing up and went o meet Bam (twin sister) near her work on her lunch break. Once Bam had gone back into work I then went to riverside to pick up a parcel which contained a Christmas present for Tommy, grabbed a few boring bits like cleaning products and drove home. Freddie was still asleep in his car seat when I got home so I used the time to prep tea. I cut up the sweet potatoes for fries and pulled apart the cauliflower for cauliflower cheese.

While making tea I cut my finger, covered my hair in cheese sauce and knocked a pot of peri peri salt out of the cupboard that smashed all over the floor, so it went well πŸ™ˆ

I never know what to serve with fish cakes other than chips n peas! I made myself far too much as always 

When Tommy got home we had tea while Freddie has jumperoo time. Once we had finished we gave Freddie a bath and I fed him and put him to bed while Tommy went to football training.

Tommy finally got the Christmas decorations down from the loft for me. I kept meaning to just do it myself coz he was taking too long for my liking but I had a thought that if something happened to me Freddie would be left alone until 5.30pm so I didn’t. It took me 1hr 30mins with no help from Mr Scrooge and this is our tree.

I had to move the play pen and dinning table around but if I’m honest I’m very please with it, I just need to get some more decorations to go around the house and lights for the tree in the front garden.

I am now just chilling until Tommy comes home and we will head off to bed. I’m not sure Freddie will have a good night tonight, it seems his belly has been irritating him today bless him.

I hope you have all had a great 1st week in December

Much loveage Loz x


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