Putting my face on…

When I was younger I used to wear a lot of make up to make myself a little older, and I wasn’t really comfortable with who I was. I don’t think anyone is completely happy with how they look but I can say I’m confortable in my skin these days, I am who I am and nothing’s going to change it so why hide it. Now that I need no help looking older, on a day to day basis I tend to just adding a little makeup to make myself look awake after many sleepless nights. 

My day to day skincare and make up routine 

Wet hair and no make up

  1. Cleanse my face in the shower, then tone and moisturise using the Clinique 3 step kit skin type 2 
  2. Brush my teeth 
  3. Fill in my eye brows using Mac brow gelcreme applying with The Mac brush 266
  4. Put mascara on, at the moment I am using No7 lash impact mascara as it is not too thick but really lengthens my lashes
  5. Put some Vaseline on my lips 

If I go to a party or wedding I will add a little bit of Rimmel foundationNew Cid blusherEyeliner and maybe a lipstick.

I love how most people do their makeup these days with contouring ect however I just can’t do it myself and don’t know how I feel about having that much make up on my face.

I hope that no matter how much make up you wear, you all feel comfortable in your skin. 

Much loveage Loz x  


3 thoughts on “Putting my face on…

  1. You’ve got gorgeous skin! I’ve never been a make up person but unfortunately ever since I came off the pill before I had my son my skin has been really bad. It does get me down a bit and nothing seems to help, I think it’s hormonal. I do think less is more with make up though, at least day to day 😊

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    1. Aww thanks Hun that means so much for you to say that 💋 I used to have really bad skin when I was younger, I can’t believe I did it now but I was so low because of it that I went down stairs after the shower and said to my mum ‘hand me a rope’ 🙈 so I know how you feel! I hope your skin improves when all your hormones balance out chick. Your beautiful regardless so don’t let it crush you xx

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