Baby’s 1st Christmas – stocking ideas…

I know Freddie will only be 5 months old at Christmas and won’t understand what’s going on, however I want to do a stocking more so I’m starting the tradition on his 1st Christmas.

I got this stocking from eBay the other day and I love it, it was only £6 so I was worried about the quality but it is brilliant. The snow at the top is really soft and the main stocking is not too thin like many are.

As I’m doing a stocking this year mostly to say we done one on Freddie’s Christmas I am just going to put a few things he will need through the year in it.

Ideas I have had so far

Small book, I got one from The Range for £1

Tooth paste and toothbrush for when Freddie grows some pegs, I got the below from Poundland.

A small toy, I love Nuby products so I got Freddie another little teether from there for only £3.49.

New dummies, as Freddie will be 6 months old just after Christmas he will be needing some new dummies. I got some glow in the dark one this time to hopefully help me find his dummy when I’m half a sleep. My favourite are the MAM band so I got these ones, they were £5.15.

Obviously Freddie can’t have sweets yet so instead I have brought some Ellas Kitchen pouches for him to try at 90p each.

That is all I have so far

However I would also like to get a pack of blue vests in size 6-9 months and some food bibs as we are just using normal bibs at the moment.

And maybe a bath book and toy then I will be done.

If you have any ideas for a babies 1st stocking then let me know 🎄

Happy shopping

Much loveage Loz x


2 thoughts on “Baby’s 1st Christmas – stocking ideas…

  1. Love that you’re filling this with practical things! I wasn’t going to do Christmas presents for my daughter this Christmas as she’ll only be 9 months and I’m sure she’ll be spoilt by everyone else. But you make a good point, maybe she can have a stocking just to get into the swing of things!!

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