Weaning update 1 – 2 weeks in…

So it was 2 weeks ago we went to the group meeting to discuss Freddie’s allergy and I was advised that Freddie is showing all signs of being reading to start eating solids. 

I will admit I have enjoyed introducing different foods but I haven’t stuck to waiting a week after trying one food before trying another. I can tell if Freddie doesn’t like something so I’m not going to make him eat it for a week just incase he reacts. 

Foods we have tried

Baby rice & porride – mixed with his milk only (which means there are not a lot of flavours he can have as most are just add water) Freddie doesn’t seem too into these, I think he gets frustrated as he thinks it’s his milk being given to him in little bits and he gets all faffed as if he’s saying just give me my damn bottle!! 

Baby dinners – we have tried pumpkin and chicken and babies first bolognese so far. Freddie absolutely loved the pumpkin and chicken but didn’t seem to like the bolognese so much. 

Fruit purée’ – so far he has had Apple and mango and Apple, banana and berries and he loves them both so much. He gobbles them up and keeps opening his mouth for more. 

Baby rusks – when mixed with his milk I think Freddie feels the same as with the porridge and rice. I’ve also given Freddie a whole rusk to see how he gets on but I’m not sure he’s ready for holding foods yet.

It’s going really well so far he’s such a good boy and will try anything. I would like to start making my own dinners when I know he will eat more than a spoonful.

Off to order his highchair to save us from all this mess 🙊

Happy hump day 

Much loveage Loz x


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