Wedding bells…

As I’ve already mentioned we had the pleasure of being part of Tommy’s aunties big day on Saturday and it was just perfect.
Tommy’s aunty has had quite a rough year suffering with bone cancer so her wedding day was a bit emotional to say the least, a room full of proud friends and family.

The wedding was held in a pretty, old country house at Elm Farm, Horsham St Faith, Norfolk

The ceremony started at 2pm with the vows, an amazing song sang by Tommy’s cousins girlfriend Faye then pictures.

We all sat down to eat around 4pm for a 3 course meal. 

Freddie’s 4 piece suit from Next

I have to say I was not too please by the cleanliness of the high chair as 😷

Once we had all eaten it was time for the speeches, they were all so touching and I will admit I shed a tear or two. The manager at Elm farm read out the people who were taking part in the speeches starting with the groom, his best man, chief bridesmaid and then I was very surprised to learn Tommy was reading a speech on behalf of the bride. I have never been a public speaker even in English class when you had to take it in turns to read out loud I used to get sweaty palms thinking about it, so to hear tommy stand up in front of all these people to read an emosional speech for his auntie made me feel really proud. 

That took us to partyyyyy time and time for more friends to arrive πŸ’ƒπŸ» 

We had a brilliant evening and one to remember, so much love πŸ’—πŸ’πŸ‘°πŸ½

With a happy day comes a sad day, we will be attending a funeral later today 😦 R.I.P Arthur  πŸ’™

I hope your all having one of those Mondays you don’t mind 😬

Much loveage Loz x


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