Fisher-Price Roaring Rainforest Jumperoo review…

Freddie’s nanny and grandad have bought and given their Christmas present to Freddie already. They had their eye on a jumperoo and because it went on sale they bought it and decided there was no point it sitting at home when he could be making use of it for the 6 weeks before Christmas, obviously if Freddie understood Christmas and santa ect then he would have to of waited till Christmas Day.

The jumparoo is very simple to set up, so much so I put it together myself with no instructions and it only took 5 minutes.

As soon as I put Freddie in the seat he absolutely loved it

It is great as there are so many little toys on the frame for Freddie to play with and the seat goes 360 so they can reach everything well.

The material that covers the seat is quick and easy to remove and you can wash it in the washing machine which is perfect as we all know everything gets dirty with babies around.

Freddie can just about touch the floor at the minute but in a few months he will be too tall so a great feature is that there are 3 difference heights for when baby grows.

As you can see the frame is quite big so being able to fold it pretty much in half is another really handy feature.

This is without a doubt mine and Freddie’s favourite Β toy. I love watching him have so much fun in it and the plus side is I can get on with bits around the house while he’s jumping around πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

How is everyone getting on with their Christmas shopping, I’ve only managed to buy about 2 presents so far πŸ™ˆ

Hope your all having a perfect Saturday evening, I’m writing this from a nice relaxing bubble bath 😍

Much loveage Loz x


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