Play time…

As Freddie is getting older and stronger he is enjoying his toys a lot more.

First his favourite toy is the Lindom door bouncer , as Freddie has got to the stage where all he wants to do it stand up this is great. Freddie is happy to hang around standing and bouncing for about 20 mins in this which is great when I want to get on with some house work. He loves it.

I think Freddie’s teeth are moving around so naturally his fist is in his mouth constantly. I have found that his favourite teethers are the Nuby Icybite because of the cold bits he can hold on his teeth and the loop he likes to put on his arm, also the Nuby Chewbies Teether and Sophie la Girafe So Pure Teething Ring because he finds them easy to hold. 

His favourite teddies are the Jellycat medium moss monkey because it is so soft and the Boofle security blanket. 

Finally his favourite sensory toys seem to be the Lamaze P&G Captain Calamari Toy and the Taggies Bright starts cuddle ‘n tags blankie 

To help Freddie to sleep we swear by the Summer Infant Slumber Buddy Elephant it plays music to relax his and lights up stars, moons and planets on the celling soon need for a night light. 

It is really nice being able to interact with Freddie a little more now 💙

If you have any toys you swear by please let me know 

Much loveage Loz x


2 thoughts on “Play time…

  1. Hello!
    Thank you for your follow!! So I have the opportunity to get to know your family and your blog! 😉
    I’m now following with interest!
    I am a mother of an 11-years-old son and your little Freddy reminds me of how the time runs!!
    Just enjoy this wonderful time with your baby! Sometimes I can’t believe that Junior is almost 11 right now!
    I wish you a wonderful day!
    – Emmi

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