Spiky Santa…

Daddy had a day off on Friday so we had a lovely long weekend all together.

Friday we drive to Cambridge to see my best friend, he husband and their little girl Violet (I lived in Cambridgeshire when I was 13-20).

We had planned to take the kids out to the local farm but because the traffic was sooo shit we were 1hr and 30 mins late, therefore decided to take a little trip to Wyevale Garden Centre Huntingdon to look at the animals and have something to eat in the cafe.

I wasn’t hungry but seeing a delicious cheese scone and me being me I had to have one. When we walked into the garden centre I saw these Santa cacti and was so excited about them but decided I should leave it, i had changed my mind before we left and ran back for one! I love him 🎅🏽🙊

We went back to Becca’s, played for a while then put the kids to bed and had a good old catch up over domino’s and drinks.

On Saturday we left my best friend Becca’s quite early, however not too early that we missed her delicious bacon sandwiches 🙊

Myself, Tommy and Freddie went straight into Norwich city centre when we got back to look for our outfits for Tommy’s Aunties wedding we have got on Friday.

Freddie’s Nanny and Grandad met us in the city for a bit and they brought him a new jumper, it’s so cute

We actually have the t-shirt in the same design and I think I may have to buy the joggers too 🙊

We took Freddie round to see Tommy’s best mate Olly and his girlfriend Sam last night which was really lovely.

Tommy played footy this morning,  normally me and Freddie go watch but he was sleeping so soundly when We were meant to leave the house that I just left him sleeping, he looked to peaceful.

We spent the afternoon being boring cleaning the house and touching up some paint work where the pram wheels have marked the walls in the hall way as we have a bloke coming round to value our home tomorrow.

We ended the weekend with a nice evening going to Tommy’s dads aunties 95th birthday.
I hope you have all had a fun weekend

Much loveage Loz x


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