If my hair is ugly I’m ugly…

My mum used to be a hair dresser so cut my hair when I was younger, then my twin sister qualified in 2008 so took over stuling my hair. The only time I visited the hairdressers in 25 years was when I worked there as a Saturday girl and was allowed my hair done by a trainee (it looked awful, I looked like a boy) and on my best friends wedding day. 

My twin sister Bam went travelling in 2012, so not only was I left without my right arm but my hairdresser too. I didn’t feel I could trust anyone else to not cut 5 inches off when I ask for a trim, so I kinda just left it and coloured it myself with a hair dye kit from the supermarket.

When I meet Tommy in 2014 his cousin Verity told me I should have my hair cut and coloured at her salon as it really is in quite bad condition. I hadn’t got my hair cut for so long that it had stopped getting longer and become really thin due to so much breakage.  

I didn’t decide to take verity up on her offer until 2015, after I had extensions in. I loved the extension I had in but I’m so lazy with my hair that 2 hours of styling just bored me too much that I couldn’t be bothered to ever do it, so it got the the point there was no point to have them in. I think I lasted about 3 weeks with the extensions 🙈

When I had the extensions out I realised It had got to the point where when I brushed my hair I would be covered in little split ends 🙈 I knew I had to do something.

Verity was away travelling for 6 months by this point but I booked in with our friend Laura (Tommy’s best mate Mick’s girlfriend) 
Laura asked what I wanted done and I said chop off what you have to to get rid of the split ends and give it a nice fresh colour and that’s exactly what she did.

It instantly made my hair so much thicker, shinier, healthy and blunts (rather than kind of feathered at the ends) I loved it and I couldn’t stop feeling it and running my fingers through it, it felt so light.

Laura also taught me the reasons I needed to use certain shampoo’s and conditioners, oils and heat protector sprays ect. I have used the products she recommended to me since that 1st hair cut. 

I have since been back to Laura at WOW Hair and Beauty Norwich every 6-8 weeks and I cannot tell you how much she has changed my hair, I am unbelievably thankful. Despite going through pregnancy losing hair, gaining hair and losing it again my hair is now as long as it was before I had it all cut off but it is thick, full, shiny, healthy and a colour that I feel really suits my olive skin colour and my face shape.

(Shampoo & condition – Matrix total results, Oil – Matrix oil wonders, heat protector – style link heat buffer) 

What changes have you made that improved your hair? What are your favourite hair products and why would you recommend them? 
Hope your having a good hair day 💇🏽💇🏼‍♂️

Much loveage Loz x 


2 thoughts on “If my hair is ugly I’m ugly…

  1. I love your hair with the ombre highlights – gorgeous. I have been dyeing my coarse thick hair for years and went red a couple of weeks ago. Everyone loved it but I couldn’t get used to it. I used Oops hair color remover (harsh on hair) but it worked once I had re-dyed it dark blonde. Finally went to a recommended colorist who put some kind of keratin mask on first, then a blonde which went really dark – even she was surprised. Then she just added bleach to the ends by hand and it now looks fabulous (almost like natural blonde highlights). She suggested hair masks because my hair is so coarse.My mood has improved 100% just because I now love my hair!!!

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