iCandy Peach All Terrain Pushchair, Eclipse – review 

I love our pram, It is not only easy to steer, light weight and great for off-road but I think it’s really stylish too. We chose the colour eclipse for practical reasons really. Unfortunately i can’t see into the future so obviously we don’t know what the gender of our next child is going to be, therefore the black is very versatile for that reason and also because hopefully it won’t get (or look) as dirty as a lighter colour. Tommy is very grateful that I didn’t choose some very vibrant, colourful pram as he would not like to be centre of attention walking down the street 😂

We have found that the pram is so easy to put up and down, easy to swap between the car seat and carry cot and also that the strap that comes on the frame helps me greatly when I am on my own.

The carry cot is very convenient as it can be disconnected from the frame and used as a bed because of how flat it is. In the summer when Freddie was tiny we used it to keep him out of the sun while outside, then when on holiday we used it as a bed in the caravan.

There is only one thing that I would have preferred on this model is a leather handle as I loved that on the other model.

I think the icandy prams are very expensive, however if you are planning on having another Kid or more then I would highly recommend this pram. I can’t wait to change the pram over to the buggy soon (just need to purchase a cosy toes) so that Freddie can look around and be nosey, his favourite thing to do.

80% of my friends and family have an icandy model, be it old or new and they all still look good as new.

Have you got a favourite pram and why would you recommend it

Much loveage Loz x


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