Freddie’s 1st Halloween…

Freddie met his cousin Harrison for the 1st time today! I can’t believe Freddie was 1lb and 11oz less than what Harrison is now, it doesn’t seem possible looking at them side by side.

I made my brother Mark and Ellie a chilli as soon as I work up so I could take it round for them, I know for the first couple of weeks when I had Freddie me and Tommy struggle to get our hands on a good meal so I wanted to help out!

We then spent the morning with my sister, brother in law and Harper their youngest. Freddie really enjoyed His cousin Harpers chair so think we will have to get him one, he was bashing away at the toys for ages.

We spent a few house round my brothers after that and introduced the new additions to each other. It made my heart melt seeing these 3 together 💗💙

We decided not to dress Freddie up until later in the day as knowing him he would throw up all over his outfit or something lol!

I made up some little sweet packets for the kids while waiting for Tommy to get home but unfortunately me and Tommy are going to have to eat them all ourselves as we didn’t get a single person knock at our door.

Despite being hungover yesterday myself, Tommy and Freddie took a trip to Asda to get a pumpkin and was disappointed to find there were none left. After going round the store while doing our weekly shop, Tommy found a pumpkin that was a bit worse for wear, had gone mushy on one side and had a hole in it but we got it anyway. We thought we needed the pumpkin as I’m sure there is now an unwritten rule that kids are only allowed to knock on doors with some kind of Halloween decorations. As Freddie gets older we will collect more decorations and hopefully then we will get some knocks.

When Tommy got home from work we had tea and then took Freddie to see his nanny and grandads house (Tommy’s side) then to see his great nannies with auntie Hol, nanny Jane and cousin Chester.

We witnessed Our nephew Chester take some of his 1st steps at his this evening which was amazing 💙

Freddie is now tucked up in bed and mummy is chilling with Oscar one of our cats.

I hope you all had a scary Halloween and enjoy your sweeties 🍬🍭

Much loveage Loz x


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