At my baby shower myself, Tommy and Freddie were so spoilt by all our family and friends. It’s amazing the different kind of presents that people buy you, we got all sorts that I would never think to buy. 
My friend Fiona bought us a lovely baby imprint set which I though was a great idea as it will be so nice to look back on when Freddie’s hands have grown and are huge like his dad’s. 

The pack included clay and a frame with two sides, one for a picture and one for the impression. The clay in this set is the best idea as it is just so easy. We have another imprints kit but you have to hold the hand/foot in more of a liquid for 2-3 minutes, which i just don’t think will happen with Freddie yet. 

You have to lay the clay in a rectangle base that is supplied and once you have done that all you have left to do is put your child’s hand or foot into the clay and apply a little bit of pressure. Freddie was so good while I was doing this but he looked so confused bless him.

I’m not sure where our imprint set was from although there are so many out there. If you have a baby I would highlyrecommend  that you give one of these a go. It is such a cute frame and memory to have for life. 

If you you want this spacific set either as a gift or to use yourself, then leave me a comment and  I’ll ask Fiona.

Get creative

Much loveage Loz x


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