Girls night…

Before I become pregnant myself, Tommy and our friends more than likely went down the pub at least one night of the weekend and then usually a Sunday afternoon too as the lads play football for the local pub team. To be honest not a lot changed when I did get pregnant except I was the sober taxi driver for 10 months. 

I’ve never been one to turn down a drink so when I found out I was pregnant although it was planned, I don’t think I had prepared myself for just how long it would be until I could have a proper drink and let my hair down. Having said that I surprised myself as it was easier than I imagined, I think its because u know you have a baby inside you that you need to pretect, it’s nothing like you have a busy day at work tomorrow and shouldn’t be hungover but have a few drink anyways.

I had my 1st girls night out drinking in 12 months this weekend and it was a really funny night. I may have let my hair down a little too much though a I got in at 3.45am, so waking up with Freddie at 6.45am was not the most fun πŸ™ˆ

Me, Tommy’s sister Hollie and a couple of the girls meet at Tommy’s parents house then met the other girls at the pub. We had a couple of drinks there then made our way to the theatre. 

We booked tickets for The Full Monty at Norwich Theatre Royal when I was about 3 months pregnant and I told myself I would watch the film before I went to see the show, i didn’t and I wish I had of as I think I would have enjoyed the show so much more. The show was good though and I think I’ll watch the film soon so I understand all the scenes ect.

I got a really nice picture message from Tommy when I was out saying night from Freddie which I loved 😍

When the show was over our 2 pregnant friends went home and the rest of us went to another pub then headed to the bars in Norwich city centre. I bumped into my older sister Charlene so she joined us for a drink or 3 which was nice.

A few more G and T’s and too many shots later I found myself in the taxi rank with Hollie trying to wake some man up that had fallen asleep and missed his taxi number. Our ticket was 503 and his was like 435 which had long gone but there was no waking him up. People were putting pizza on his head and everything so I tried to help him out by taking it all off and giving him a little nudge (more of a shake in the end as he wasn’t stiring) We found out in the morning our girls we left out didn’t get in till 6, so I was glad me and Hollie left when we did.

Hollie and I got a taxi ride home by a taxi driver who either had a death wish or was desperate for the toilet, when he dropped us off we were thankful we had made it πŸ™ŠπŸš˜

I woke up with Freddie in the morning then went to watch Tommy’s team @FarmHouseFC play football, had a drink at the farm house then came home for an afternoon on the sofa. When I sat down to fill Tommy in on my night he told me I Had already told him everything when I got in about 5 times…oops my bad. 

It was nice to have a night out with the girls again after so long, but my body hated me for it yesterday.

I hope you all had a great weekend

Much loveage Loz x


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