Next baby clothes…

I’ve been going through Freddie’s wardrobe today as he’s now growing out of his up to 1 month clothes and I wanted to have a clear out. 

Freddie was spoilt by friends and family so up until now we haven’t really had to buy many new clothes, other than when he was born we had to rush out and get some small baby stuff and then clothes you see and just have to get.

I have been surprised by the good quality of babies clothes, we have clothes from all different stores ranging from primark and big superstores like Tesco to John Lewis and Ralph Lauren and there is not one shop I wouldn’t recommend.

I think that most baby clothes seem to come up big but that just means they last longer 👌🏼 If I had to pick a brand that I am least fond of that would be Asda and that is purely down to the fact I don’t like the shape of the feet in the baby grows. 

My favourite is easy and it would have to be Next, they have a wide range for boys not just girls, the clothes are soft and fit lovely and lastly the clothes are just so cute I love them all. There is no suprise there though as literally 85% of our homes content is from Next 🙈. 

We’re off shopping for new clothes for Freddie tomorrow to refill his wardrobe 😍

Much loveage Loz x


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