Keep hydrated…

I’ve never been very good at drinking a lot of water unless I’m sat at my work desk 8 hours of the day, so when I left on maternity I pretty much forgot to drink even a glass a day.

When I started breast feeding I found that I was sooo thirsty and every time I sat down to feed Freddie I needed a drink immediately.

I saw Hydratem8 on instergram and really liked the way it told you how much you should drink by certain times of the day. I was a little shocked a bottle could cost quite that much but I though it if could help my water intake then it would be worth every penny. I spoke to my twin sister Bam and we decided to make an order, it suprised us how quick the bottles arrived.

I can tell you it has helped amazingly, I am now not only drink 2 litres of water a day but much more. It sounds so weird as it’s just a bottle but it’s so easy to drink from that you really enjoy drinking πŸ™Š I couldn’t live without my bottle now, I take it everywhere with me. 

The bottles do stand out and when you are carrying them everywhere a lot of people as about them, me and Bam have persuaded quiet a lot of people to get one and give it a go so hopefully they are all drinking their water πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

Drinking water has helped me lose the water retention I had after having Freddie, helped with my weight loss and also cleared my skin. I ❀️ my Hydratem8 bottle.

By buying a bottle you are also helping make a difference to the poorest countries without safe water to drink. Hydratem8 donates Β£1 to pump aid for every adult bottle sold.

If you struggle with getting your daily intake of water I would highly recommend getting yourself one of these bottles.


Let me know how it helps you

Much loveage Loz x


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