I’ll probably regret saying this when Freddie can talk but I really did wish that he could talk to me and let me know what he wanted and what was up when he was a newborn. 

From around week 3 to week 9 Freddie spent all day either eating or screaming in pain. He was fine as soon as it hit around 9pm where he would go in his cot wide awake and take himself off to sleep, but from 6am he was just on one. I had no idea what was wrong with him I used to try everything but nothing worked other than putting him in his pram and going for a walk, so that’s what I did most of the time. 

We self diagnosed Freddie with Colic as do a lot of parents who’s newborn cries for more than 3 hours and you have tried everything to settle them. We tried Freddie on all kinds of milks to help with his windy and belly pains but nothing seemed to work other than holding him using the ‘tiger in the tree’ technique.


A lot of people said that maybe I had made a rod for my own back and that Freddie had got used to me comforting him therefore now he wouldn’t settle by himself, but I knew deep down that something wasn’t right, you could tell the difference between his fussy crying and his screams it was horrible.

Freddie was around 8 weeks old when we were out for the evening with Tommy’s family, I went to the toilet to change Freddie and found blood in his poo. I was shocked at first but thought maybe he was constipated. I took a picture of it (nice 🙊) and showed it to Tommy’s mum who said we should take him to the doctors 1st thing if he has anymore poo’s like it. The next few poo’s of Freddie’s were clear with no blood, however after a few days it soon returned. 

I called Freddie’s doctors and tried booking him in, but they couldn’t give him an appointment until the doctor had discussed our concerns over the phone. I waited until 3.15pm for a call and as soon as I meantioned bloody poo (that looked like jam mixed with mustard) they asked me to come see them asap. Freddie’s doctor done a few tests and said that he thinks Freddie is allergic to the protein in cows milk and it is becoming increasingly common in newborns these days. He prescribed Freddie with 3 little tubs of a new formula to try and contact him if there were any changes.

As soon as I got home I spoke to my best friend Becca as her little girl Violet has the same allergy, said that I will defiantly know if the new formula works and if in fact Freddie is lactose intolerant as he will act like a completely different baby to before.

After one feed the blood had completed disappeared from Freddie’s poo and almost instantly we saw changes in this behaviour. Just as my best friend had said Freddie has completely change, he was no longer just eating or screaming he was now also sleeping during the day, smiling, talking and just so much more content. I was over the moon that my baby was finally not in all that pain. 

I wish it didn’t take blood in Freddie’s poo to make me take him to the doctors but when your learning this new job of yours you just feel that maybe it’s your fault, maybe your doing something wrong or maybe your patience is wearing thin because you are so over tired.

If you feel that your newborn is uncomfortable all the time or just not how you think they should be just take them to the doctors to get them checked so they are not suffering, you are not harming anyone by being overcautious.

Freddie has an appointment in Novermber to see the dietitian at the hospital, so I will update you once we know more.

Much loveage Loz x 


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