Freddie’s development – 3 months 

Isn’t it weird how you can feel like something so special happened just yesterday, but also not remember your life before the special thing happened.

I can’t believe Freddie is already 3 months old, the time has flown by with everyday rolling to one.

My little boy is not so little anymore, now weighing 13lb 9oz and measuring 60.5cm.

Sleeping – Since Freddie was put on formula he has been really good at night times. He now goes through from around 7.15pm – 6.30am, obviously he still has his off days as he is only very young and going through so many growth spurts. During the day Freddie has no real routine with his naps yet, he tends to have a bottle then have a little play for around 45mins/1hr and then he gets grizzle. Freddie has an allagey but we didn’t find this out until he was 9 weeks old so we had weeks of him screaming all day everyday, he is 100% better now but due to the comfort he needed when in pain we now have him in a bad habit of needing comfort to get him to sleep during the day. I am trying to get him out of this habit each day and will let you know how I am getting on at his next update.

Feeding – Freddie seems to me to be a very hungry baby, either that or the formula he now has is not as filling as normal formula. He has 5 feeds of 7oz from 7am-7pm and if he wakes up at all during the night henormally has a 5oz bottle, but this tends to be when he’s going through a growth spurt.

Smiling – Freddie has the most amazing smile I’ve ever seen, but I’m sure all mums say that. We noticed the difference between his ‘wind’ smile and his real smile around 7 weeks. He has now started giggling which is just so adorable.

Strength – Freddie is holding his head up really well and also stands very well with our help. He is also now attempting to sit up by himself or more like balancing.

Clothes – Freddie is still in some of his up to 1 months clothes but starting to slowly fit in to his up to 3 months clothes. He is quite tall but slim so everything is fitting length wise but not so much round his waist, therefore we are finding dungaree’s fit the best.

Freddie is a happy, hungry and smiley baby and I can’t wait to witness the next steps in his development 💙

Much loveage Loz x


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