3 months already…

Freddie was born 3 months ago today, its been the best 3 months of my life, the hardest 3 months of my life and the quickest 3 months too.

I had a look back at the pictures from just before I had Freddie on my phone this morning and i can honestly say it does not feel like it was me! My whole pregnancy is now a blur, I mean I obviously remember it but it feels so long ago. 

Like most woman, when I fell pregnant I have to admit I was worried about how much of an effect it was going to take on my body and what I was going to look like after. 

I lost over half a stone at the beginning of my pregnancy due to morning sickness (or should I say all day all night sickness) but by the end I had put a total of 2stone 7lbs. 

I think I have to thank my family genes as  didn’t get a single stretch mark and I was back in my jeans the day after giving birth.

Me at 27 weeks pregnancy and me today, I still have some weight to lose and most of all tone up when I find some time from somewhere. 

I used to think I was chubby and had so many things I wanted to change about my body but since the birth of Freddie I haven’t really felt that way. Yes I’m not as toned as I once was but my body had a purpose and now I’m proud of my body and what it has created. So although my body with some effort will look like it once did, if I was covered in stretch marks or 2 stone heavier I would still love my body for what it has given me. 

It’s horrible how we are all under so much pressure to be a certain way these day but we shouldn’t, love the skin you are in as everyone is beautiful.

Much loveage Loz x 


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